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In this episode we catch up with a rower and a Portsmouth scientist who are gathering incredible insights into the state of our ocean while circumnavigating Great Britain’s coastline.

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Sport saving our seas

What does sport, science, the sea, and space all have in common? While this sounds like the start of a bad joke, the answer is actually the GB Row challenge. Using state-of-the-art equipment, rowers were able to gather incredible insights into the state of our ocean on their 2,000 mile journey.

We've caught up with Maggie Hodge, one of the rowers from GB Row's all-women Team Ithaca, and Laura Fantuzzi, a data analyst from the University of Portsmouth and 2024 competitor. In the episode, find out what it’s like circumnavigating Great Britain’s coastline, what they’ve learnt about the state of our seas, and how sport can be a driving force for change.

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