a group of colourful rowing boats sitting on the shore with the sea in the background

Founder of the NGO Human Rights at Sea, David Hammond, presents an introduction to the work his organisation does and how to protect all lives at sea

  • 13 May 2022
  • 1 hour watch

In this edition of the University of Portsmouth's Interdisciplinary Webinar Series, Leïla Choukroune, Professor of International Law and Director of the Thematic Area in Democratic Citizenship hosts a presentation by David Hammond Esq., Founder and CEO of charitable NGO Human Rights at Sea 

In this talk David Hammond, presents an introduction to the topic of human rights protections at sea. Covering the scope, scale, and examples of abuse at sea from his organisation's work and perspective, and will detail how justice can be achieved for those persons who do not have a voice or may not have access to support.

Speaker Bio

David Hammond Esq., is a former military seafarer, veteran Royal Marines’ officer and qualified barrister based in the Portsmouth area. He founded Human Rights at Sea in 2014 after witnessing first-hand the sheer volume and scale of human rights abuses that take place at sea. David has practical maritime and legal experience, having served in the North and South Atlantic Oceans, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf and South China Seas. He has worked in challenging environments teaching human rights and international humanitarian law around the world at both state and EU level and has been previously appointed to lead legal positions in and alongside EU Missions. He is an author and co-author of over 80 civil society publications, reports, and case studies concern human rights abuse at sea. He is a Member of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple and a Member of the Institute of Directors (UK).
Research Futures: An Introduction to Human Rights at Sea