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Zarin chose a Master’s for the chance to advance her career. But at Portsmouth, she got so much more than she expected.

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It has always been my dream to pursue higher studies in the UK. I had a strong desire to deepen my knowledge in the field of media and was eagerly looking for opportunities to advance my career.

While studying for my Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication at Independent University, Bangladesh, I did an internship as a newsroom editor at NTV, a renowned television channel in Bangladesh. After graduating, I worked as a communication executive at a firm called AX-trade. While there, I made the decision to apply for postgraduate studies.

The MA Media and Communication course at Portsmouth was a perfect match for my qualifications and work experience. The location also greatly appealed to me. Not only is Portsmouth a coastal city, but it also has a peaceful atmosphere. It is neither too sparsely populated nor overly crowded like larger cities in the UK.


A unique curriculum with breadth and depth

During my research on various universities and courses, I discovered that the modules at Portsmouth were unlike those offered by other institutions. This intrigued me and ultimately influenced my decision. 

The curriculum has broadened my knowledge and deepened my understanding of media and communications. 


Well-structured modules, research projects and coursework, coupled with the expertise of the faculty members, have equipped me with essential theoretical foundation and practical skills necessary for success in my career.

Zarin Jahera Purne, MA Media and Communication

The University has also fostered the development of essential transferable skills that will benefit me in my career journey. Communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and adaptability are just a few examples.


Incredible experiences beyond study

The University has given me so much more than I expected. I was awarded a £3,000 scholarship based on my results, which significantly helped with my funding. I partially fund my studies by working as University Ambassador and International Student Ambassador. Both roles give me flexibility and I can easily balance my studies alongside them.

The University has provided me with incredible experiences that I never thought I would have. For example, I had the opportunity to be interviewed at our local FM radio station, where I shared my experiences as a student and had a platform to influence prospective students. 

I also had the chance to volunteer and educate school students about my country, which was truly rewarding. These are just a few examples of how the University of Portsmouth has shaped me as a person.


A sense of belonging 

During free time, I engage with student societies such as Hallyu society, Bangladeshi society, and Islamic society. 


Engaging with societies provides me a sense of belonging and has helped me develop valuable transferable skills like leadership, organisation and adaptability.


Zarin Jahera Purne, MA Media and Communication

I advise any student to get involved in these activities as they provide opportunities to network, make new friends, and develop valuable skills outside of your academic studies. These experiences can greatly enhance your university life and contribute to personal and professional growth. 

I also suggest taking advantage of the various support services which help students succeed academically and personally. Services such as the University Library, Careers and Employability Service, academic advisors and Student Wellbeing Service can assist you in navigating through challenges, accessing academic resources and preparing for your future career. 


Hands-on experiences and insight 

One of the most valuable aspects of studying at Portsmouth is the opportunity to gather real-life experiences relevant to my field of interest. Through internships, work placements and practical projects, I have gained hands-on experience in the industry. These experiences have not only enhanced my skills but also provided me with valuable insights into the professional world, making me better equipped to navigate the job market.

Moreover, the University has taught me countless life skills and transformed me into a confident individual. I firmly believe that the University of Portsmouth has played a crucial role in my personal development. 

My achievements and experiences here will greatly contribute to securing my dream job in the future. This institution will always hold a special place in my heart.

Zarin Jahera Purne, MA Media and Communication

The next step for me is to secure a position at a reputed media firm. I am excited about the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a professional setting, and I am open to exploring various roles. Whether it be in journalism, broadcasting, public relations or digital media, I am eager to contribute my expertise and make a meaningful impact in the industry. I look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in my career journey.