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Accounting education research

Explore our work in accounting education, one of our 4 areas of expertise in Accounting

Our accounting education research aims to promote and publish research on accounting education issues – with the goal of enhancing the quality of accounting education worldwide.

We're exploring the best teaching, learning, and pedagogical strategies to gain evidence-based insights into the most effective methods for educating the next generation of accountancy professionals. We're investigating how different ethnic and cultural groups respond to teaching, so that educators are best-placed to deliver effective, tailored teaching.

We're looking at the ways in which digital platforms can increase teaching opportunities and in response to increased levels of unethical practice in the industry, studying how correct ethical values can be emphasised and taught in the classroom.

Our work is frequently published in leading academic journals within the field, including the International Journal of Management Education. 

Our research covers the following topics

  • Use of technology and simulation within teaching strategies
  • Learning strategies and the impact on pedagogical practice
  • Teaching developments


Within our Accounting Education research, we explore pedagogical processes at a detailed level. To do this, we rely on both quantitative research methods, such as experiments, regressions and structural equation models, and qualitative techniques, such as ethnography and grounded theory.

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