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Building design, construction management and surveying research

Explore our work in building design, construction management and surveying, an area of expertise within our Civil Engineering research

The construction industry has been criticised for not being good enough. Whether that's not doing the right things, delivering the right products, or being too slow and expensive. But modern construction is complex – with hybrid technology, and current management approaches that are inadequate.

This, combined with the modern demand of zero accidents, zero defects and zero delays, means there are many issues to contend with in the high-pressured fast construction industry.

To deal with the fragmentation of the industry, new approaches to project management are required and the barriers within procurement need to be explored. Our research works to appreciate the pressure for change, understand the complexity of design, look at the needs of complex projects and investigate component supply chains.

Our research covers the following topics

  • Brief management
  • Design management
  • Project organisation
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Health and safety


We research using quantitative methods, such as experiments, regressions and structural equation models, to measure causal effects on variables. Qualitative techniques include ethnography and ground theory, which we use to explore consumer decision processes.

Projects and publications

Our research is fuelled by academic staff, who contribute their professional industry experience to our work. Research is regularly published in papers and journals, including Construction Management Economics, Architectural Engineering and Design Management, and the Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research.

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Building design, construction management and surveying is an area of expertise within our Civil Engineering research – explore the other area below.

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Environmental Technology and Management

We're finding sustainable ways of tackling pollution, developing the technology needed to deal with new pollutants, and finding ways to build sustainable, environmentally-friendly urban landscapes.

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