Creating a sustainable and resilient world for the future

Explore our research in sustainable development, disaster management, human geography and institutional governance

We investigate and model environmental and societal risk, to ensure that economic and natural resources are managed sustainably for the future. Using our expertise in Earth observation, hazard assessment, disaster management, and institutional governance, we work with stakeholders to mitigate risk to people, and the natural and built environment. Our research strives to help develop a sustainable, resilient and just society.

Research groups and centres

blue governance

Centre for Blue Governance

Explore the work our research groups are doing in this area, and learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners we're collaborating with, and who our major funders are.

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Research facilities

Our research is supported by a range of specialist facilities used by staff and students. We also work regularly with visiting researchers and industry from around the world.

Environmental Chemistry Analysis Laboratory

Use the equipment in this lab to identify and analyse chemicals and biochemicals in surface water, groundwater and soil, so you can develop strategies to minimise and remove their harmful environmental effects.

An image of test tubes
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Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit

Gain expertise in high-magnification imaging and analysis of the chemical and physical structure of natural and manufactured materials.

Mass spectrometer
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Mass Spectrometry and Laser Ablation Laboratory

Investigate the geological and planetary processes that influence environment change and natural resource formation in this lab, using our industry standard spectrometers and laser ablation system.

Burnaby June 2019
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Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy Laboratory

Learn how to use virtual reality to identify rocks and minerals using remote imaging and data processing techniques.

Innovating for a healthier future; Portsmouth Hospitals Trust; PHT-UoP Joint Research and Innovation Conference 2019
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Geotechnics Laboratory

Our Geotechnics Laboratory – or Soils Lab – has equipment for analysing fine- and coarse-grained soils.

Geotechnics Lab
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GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory

Discover more about the planet's physical structures and scientific processes, such as glaciers and coastal flooding, using drone data, aerial and satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Aerial view of scenic Greenland Glaciers and icebergs
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Physical Geography and Meteorology Laboratories

Use the latest physical and meteorological equipment in our labs, including a rainfall simulator and automatic weather stations.

Physical geography and meteorology lab
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Institute of Marine Sciences

Explore the marine ecosystems of the Solent European Marine Site at our shoreside marine station, complete with floating research platform, £2 million aquarium and laboratory suite, and 2 research vessels, RV Calypso and RV Noctiluca

IMS Pontoon; 18th June 2019
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