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Sustainable Urbanism, Landscape and Architecture Design Research

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Urbanisation is one of the defining processes of our times. Our understanding of the urban, whether in theory or practice, has reached a turning point, with cities worldwide facing new, complex, and challenging conditions that demand resilience and adaptation to the impacts of environmental and social change.

With nearly 70% of the world’s population likely to reside in cities by 2030, the quality of life experienced by this urban population will shape our global future.

As part of the School of Architecture we explore the intersection of sustainable architecture, urban design, landscape architecture planning, social sciences, ICT, and engineering. We  collaborate across conventional disciplinary boundaries.

We work to inspire and provide the research expertise needed to advance the knowledge required in the practice of sustainable urban development, essential for the transformation and revitalisation of our cities and environments.

Our theoretical and applied research focuses on developing innovative strategies for integrating sustainable approaches and technologies into societal, urban, architectural, human, and non-human behavioural contexts. We also explore imaginative approaches to shaping urban futures in partnership with industry, local and global communities, and government.

Our research topics

  • Sustainable Urban Development in the Global South
  • Transforming Communities: Resilient and Engaged Communities – Social and Cultural Sustainability
  • Low Carbon Neighbourhoods and Smart Urban Futures: Intelligent and Green Infrastructure
  • City Policy, Legislation, Urban Governance, and Finance: Transition Pathways
  • Sustainable Construction and New Integrated Technologies
  • Urban Disaster Resilience: Environmental Burden and Communities at Risk
  • Integration and Application of Ecosystem Services in Urban and Architecture Design
  • Landscape Architecture

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