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Well-being, legal education and the legal profession research

Explore our work in this field, which is 1 of 3 areas of expertise in our Law research

Our legal education research investigates new ways of engaging students in the learning journey, including the use of LegalTech, in order to promote student success. It also contributes to the wider literature on sustainable graduate employability, including the development of self-confidence using the Brand Me concept.

We are researching the implications for the local community and our students of our new interdisciplinary collaboration that builds upon our free legal advice clinic. In this new venture we place Nursing and Law students together in the same learning space to construct in partnership a new curriculum to meet the needs of the future professional.

At a time when there are growing pressures on students and academics, there is a need to understanding how to cope with stress. Our research on perceptions of well-being helps to expose the problem, critically addresses social and economic contexts and argues for change. This research extends to the management of stress within the legal profession, including gender issues, and seeks to positively influence the links between well-being and ethics. 

Our work is frequently published in leading academic journals within the field, such as The Law Teacher, the International Journal for Clinical Legal Education, and the Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education.

Our research looks at the following topics

  • Well-being among law students and academics
  • The future of the legal profession
  • Clinical legal education
  • Legal Education


Recent research has been funded by organisations such the Legal Education Research Network and the Society of Legal Scholars.

Recent publications include:

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 Well-being, legal education and the legal profession is 1 of 3 areas of expertise within our Law research area. Explore the others below.

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