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Business and Management Research

Find out more about our research in innovation management, small business and entrepreneurship, sustainability, and risk and security management

The field of Business and Management is constantly evolving, driven for example by government policies and new technology. Policy and technology can have a huge impact on the way a business operates, despite being external to an organisation.

Changes to factors such as taxation, minimum wage legislation and international trade relationships alter business needs and objectives. To be competitive, therefore, organisations need to keep their finger on the pulse of developments and pursue effective initiatives. These can include anything from an increased use of social media in marketing, to bringing in analysts to make better use of big data.

Our researchers investigate pressing issues facing organisations and governments, such as how to encourage the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses in an uncertain global economy, how to improve sustainability across industries, and how to implement new products and services.

Several leading private sector organisations have partnered with us on our research and we collaborate with academic institutions across the globe, including in the USA, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Our research spans the University's research themes of Future and Emerging Technologies, Sustainability and the Environment, and Health and Wellbeing. The aim of the research in these themes is to enhance society, develop the economy and work towards a sustainable future for our planet.

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