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COmputing research

Explore our research in systems and information systems, cyber security, computational intelligence and health informatics

Computing is a critical part of every modern organisation. From the hardware used to network across the globe, to the software and applications that make complex tasks more simple, the modern world runs on computing power. It's vital that the processes, systems, and digital infrastructure we rely on is as efficient as possible.

And with our reliance on computers only increasing, it's important for organisations and individuals to ensure their assets – whether they're digital themselves, or accessible digitally – are properly protected. Cyber attacks are increasingly used to leak sensitive information, to commit crime, and in warfare – so investigating cyber security is more crucial than ever.

We're also exploring how computational paradigms and algorithms can be used to make a positive difference in a variety of human-machine systems – and our research in computational intelligence is already making an impact in areas such as robot-enhanced therapy, limb motion recognition, and autism spectrum disorders intervention.

There's also a greater demand for organisations to be more productive, efficient and connected, and expertise in information systems (IS) is needed to support and develop the strategic, managerial and operational activities that can help a business grow.

Through our Computing – and our Health Informatics research – we're exploring each aspect, and developing methods of implementing information systems that can positively impact organisations, while at the same time, ensuring their cyber security.

Computational intelligence

Our research is studying computational paradigms, with the aim of designing and developing algorithms which can be implemented with human machine systems.
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Cyber security

We're working to improve the security of the systems used to access assets, and to make the way people access them more secure.
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Systems and information systems

We're exploring how technology and professionals can support the strategic, managerial and operational activities of a business.
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Health informatics

We're improving the design of computer systems and wellbeing services to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, and we're exploring how technology can influence lifestyle choices and reduce health risks.
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Research groups

Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

We're working to develop technology that makes work more efficient for the organisations that form the National Health Service (NHS).


Intelligent and Networked Systems Research Group

We're researching intelligence, interaction and communication over the networked systems that are key aspects of today's connected world.


Innovative Industrial Research Group

We're researching how to improve industrial performance through the integration of AI in products and services.


Interested in a PhD in Computing?

Browse our postgraduate research degrees – including PhDs and MPhils – at our Computing & Information Systems and Health Informatics postgraduate research degree pages.