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Dental and oral health research

Explore the work we're doing across our areas of expertise in Dental and Oral Health

Our Dental and Oral Health research contributes to the development of evidence-based health care for patients and the wider community, and towards the high-quality education of the dental team.

Within our Dental Academy, we engage with internal and external collaborators – both locally and internationally – and our research is aligned to our teaching and innovation activities.

Our Dental and Oral Health areas of expertise

Dental Public Health

We undertake research relating to promoting health, preventing disease and how to facilitate access to high quality dental care for all.

Students and public using dental health clinic
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Dental Education

We're focusing on the development and evaluation of education for the dental team, and working to develop new operative and learning tools for dentistry.

Dental students working on a phantom head
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Clinical Innovation

We're conducting studies that consider and test advanced clinical and diagnostic techniques, efficient models of clinical care, and novel clinical materials.

Flouride varnish being applied to a test card
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Interested in a PhD in Dental & Oral Health?

Browse our postgraduate research degrees – including PhDs and MPhils – at our Dental & Oral Health postgraduate research degrees page.