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Education research

Explore our work in five areas of research expertise in education

In our education research, we're working towards an understanding of what education looks like for different groups of people around the globe, while pushing for social justice and human rights worldwide.

We're working to find solutions to problems that exist between childhood and education, by challenging what childhood entails in different parts of the world and exploring the role that education plays in preparing children for their roles in society.

Our expertise lies within education and leadership, the role of education in conflict affected countries, gender, citizenship education, teacher training, and transitions to adulthood. We bring varied research methods to our work, with a focus on qualitative research.

Our education research informs practice and enables change — we have developed a wide network of collaborations across the Global South, and routinely collaborate with non-academic partners as consultants.

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Explore our Education areas of expertise

Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our education research, in our five areas of expertise. Learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Early years education

In this area of expertise, we're exploring the experiences and opportunities that play a role in the development of young children.

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Further education

We're exploring all aspects of further education, from adult education to transitions from military service, leadership and management to further education student experience.

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Higher education

We're researching into issues in higher education, and finding solutions to them. Explore our higher education research.

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Gender, race and education

Our work is identifying, exploring and engaging with forms of discrimination across gender and race in the education system.

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Youth, development and social practices

Our work provides a platform that showcases research, innovation and wider activities being developed in collaboration with young people, community members and practitioner and academic colleagues.

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