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Mechanical & Design Engineering research

Explore the work we're doing across our two areas of research expertise in Mechanical & Design Engineering

From the phone in your pocket, to the train you take on your morning commute, much of everyday life relies on the work of engineers – and our research in Mechanical and Design Engineering is harnessing our engineering expertise to find creative and practical solutions to some of society's most-pressing issues.

Our engineers are already making a positive difference through their research – recent projects include using artificial intelligence to improve powered wheelchairs, creating more efficient solar panels, and developing new lightweight manufacturing materials that can make manufacturing more sustainable in the automotive, marine, aerospace, and construction industries.

Explore our Mechanical & Design Engineering areas of expertise

Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our Mechanical Engineering research – and learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Research groups

We're creating new materials to improve manufacturing and sustainability.

We're researching the competence of biological structures, biomaterials, and bio-inspired engineering materials using advanced X-Ray microscopy.

We're researching how to better understand the body through imaging and biomechanics.

Interested in a PhD in Mechanical & Design Engineering?

Browse our postgraduate research degrees – including PhDs and MPhils – at our Mechanical & Design Engineering postgraduate research degrees page.


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