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Film, television and media research

Explore the research we're doing across our three areas of expertise in film, television and media

Our world is dominated by the media. From the way we talk to each other and communicate, to how we create art and express ourselves, society is increasingly exposed to new ways of accessing media that can shape the way we view the world – and the media we create in response.

The technology used to access screen media such as film and television is diversifying. With near-constant exposure through social media, smart phones and streaming services, our culture is being shaped by the digital content we have access to around the clock.

So how does film and other forms of screen media like television shape societal attitudes and beliefs? How does it inform our daily lives?

Our film, television and media research is rich and diverse. Staff have specialisms in fandom and popular culture, history and theory of animation, Hollywood film, British film, digital content, horror, transmedia storytelling, adaptation, comics and film, Latin American film, transnational cinemas, gender and film, women's filmmaking, science fiction television, reality television, the news media, queer theory and film, and film and migration.

We're unpacking theories around how and why we communicate through media, how cinema and television became – and are continuing to be – dominant forms of artistic expression despite new streaming technologies. We're also investigating how media can be used as a tool to fight injustice or temper public opinion against it.

Researchers in film, television and media are extremely active, presenting conference papers across the world, delivering plenary and keynote addresses, publishing books, articles and chapters with prestigious publishers, supervising PhD students, writing scripts, producing television, making films and acting as expert consultants.

Our work is recognised for its excellence too – 100% of the research we've submitted to the REF was rated as either as being outstanding (60%) or as having very considerable impacts (40), and 90% of research is internationally recognised and above.

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Explore our film and media areas of expertise

Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our research in the three areas of expertise below. Learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Media and popular culture

We're exploring new cultures of production and consumption to understand how media audiences are becoming content creators. Explore our media and popular culture research.

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Conflict and Culture

Through our research in this area of expertise, we're analysing the artistic treatment of social crisis and military conflict, and how they're represented through media.

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Film studies and screen practice research

We're exploring the relationship between film, screen studies and communities. Explore our film studies and screen practice research.

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