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Journalism, Communication & Creative Writing research

Explore the work we're doing in journalism, media writing, creative writing and cross-platform storytelling

Words can change history. For centuries, they've shaped public perception, altered the course of politics, shone a light on injustice, and motivated people into action. The news we follow, stories we read and media we consume are powerful.

One news article can bring about global change, a social media campaign can nudge the opinion of an entire demographic, and the right story at the right time can uncover corruption – or sweep it under the rug.

Through our Journalism, Communication and Creative Writing research we're investigating the power of journalism, communication and creative writing, and evaluating their impact on our lives. From why people write to the methods and platforms they choose, we're looking at how media can be used by organisations, institutions and people to benefit society, how we consume it, and how its influence can be abused.

Writing can take many forms, from traditional to new-media, including video games and TV, and we're exploring the ways storytelling can be used across different platforms, to convey a point in the most effective way.

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Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our research in the 3 areas of expertise below. Learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Journalism and media writing

We're researching the impact of journalism and media on society, and the role it plays in shaping how we understand politics, social justice, human rights, and civic engagement.

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Creative writing

We're studying different kinds of writing, their benefits on well-being, and how societal issues can be presented and resolved through literature.

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Cross Platform Storytelling

We're bringing together experts from traditional and new media, to explore how stories can be told across different platforms and mediums.

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