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In our globalised society, understanding the way we communicate is important. Our research in Linguistics looks beyond the words themselves to explore how they're used in certain contexts, and the relationship words can have with social phenomena and identity, such as class or power.

It also looks at how language – particularly English – can act as the key driver of economic and social development, how international companies and organisations are both taught multiple languages, and how language is translated. We're also researching the way language is used in the world, and how it is used in different ways, from expressing ideas to empowering the marginalised. 

We investigate the technology replacing traditional translation, and the ramifications to translation students. With industries looking globally, our research helps companies target international markets, employ sufficiently skilled translators and develop materials for teaching English to speakers of other languages.

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Find out more about the facilities and research methods that shape our research in the areas below – and learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Research groups

We're researching topics such as citizenship, race, language across borders, social theory and transnational politics.
We're researching what happens as speakers and writers cross the boundaries of language systems or transgress the rules within them.

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