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Marketing research

Find out more about our research in advertising and branding, digital marketing, services marketing and tourism, and marketing and society 


Disruptive technology is having a heavy impact on business, consumers and the marketing industry. Businesses can now access big data that reveals how customers make buying decisions, while new business models, such as the digitalisation of retail processes (the so-called ‘sharing economy’), have reshaped markets and business processes.

Our marketing research analyses existing and emerging business models and consumer segments. We provide businesses with better insights about their markets and how consumers buy products and services, allowing them to reach more customers and increase customer retention. Our research covers advertising, branding, service marketing and related disciplines such as anthropology, economics, psychology and statistics.

We apply quantitative research methods such as experiments, regressions and structural equation models to measure causal effects on variables relevant to our research. We also use qualitative research techniques such as ethnography and grounded theory to explore consumer decision processes at a detailed level.

We're the home of Psychology & Marketing, an American journal published by Wiley. Our staff members sit in the editorial review board of 4 and 3 ABS journals. 

Our findings are published in the following national and international journals:

  • Journal of Retailing
  • Journal of Service Research
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Journal of Interactive Marketing
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Tourism Management
  • Journal of Advertising
  • Psychology & Marketing
  • Annals of Tourism Research
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of Travel Research
  • European Journal of Marketing

We collaborate with businesses on research projects so they can use our insights to improve their marketing. We've worked with big names including Uber.

We access big data resources such as STR Global’s database of 6.8 million hotel rooms. This high quality data is valuable for our research in services marketing and tourism, and helps us to understand competitor advantage and competitor reaction. We've used this data to study dynamic pricing variability, using hotel data from several worldwide destinations.

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