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Operational research and logistics research

Explore our 8 areas of expertise, including risk and security analytics, transportation and maritime systems, and renewable energy and sustainability analytics


Where should we house robots that fight cancer? How can we make renewable energy cheaper? What new tech can make transport smarter, faster and greener?

Public and private organisations around the world face these sort of complex questions, and our Operational Research and Logistics work brings together the University's maths, technology, business and industrial research experts to find answers to them.

Our research spans analytics, data, algorithms, system design, simulation, modelling, programming, forecasting – and a whole world of problem-solving.

We're transforming our knowledge and expertise into action, by helping to develop new and better transportation and maritime systems. We're showing how better analytics for healthcare, risk and security, can have a positive impact on the lives and wellbeing of people around the world – for example, by automating a roster for nurses that more effectively manages their time, and in the process, improves the quality of care they deliver. We're finding new ways to create more sustainable and efficient renewable energy too.

Explore our Operational Research and Logistics areas of expertise

Find out more about the facilities and methods that shape our research in the areas of expertise below – and learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who fund our work.

Research groups

We're using our expertise in analytics, system design, simulation, programming, and forecasting to help organisations around the world make better decisions.
We're researching how we can apply quantitative methodologies to improve decision-making across a range of diverse fields of application.
We're researching how to improve industrial performance through the integration of AI in products and services.

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