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Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Biomedical sciences research

Find out more about our research in molecular mechanisms of diseases, neurobiology, microbiology, drug delivery and pharmacy practice 

Our research in the area of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences focuses on growing our understanding of how the body functions in health, how it malfunctions in disease, and the genetic and molecular drivers of both physical and mental illnesses. We aim to find new, more effective treatments for patients.

We're studying the molecular, cellular, physiological and behavioural process occurring in the body at times of health and disease. We're identifying and characterising the biomarkers of disease, and with our partners in industry, helping develop new drugs from initial discovery to clinical application.

Our work has the potential to make hugely positive impacts on society. Much of our work focuses on diseases for which there is no current cure, or only a limited range of treatments – such as Alzheimer's, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis and cancer.

We're researching new ways to tackle the growing problem of antibiotic resistance to help prolong the lifespan and quality of life for people with chronic illnesses, and to more effectively treat millions of people around the world who have infectious diseases.  

Our research is a core component of the University of Portsmouth’s Health and Wellbeing research theme, which seeks to improve society through enhancing health and wellbeing, advancing the knowledge economy, making the National Health Service (NHS) a more efficient and cost-effective organisation, and stimulating innovation to grow the UK economy.

Explore our 5 interconnected areas of expertise

Drug Delivery

We're investigating targeted drug delivery systems using nanoparticles, finding new ways to deliver active molecules in medicines to the right part of the body – at the right time, in the right amounts – and identifying drugs that can be 'repurposed' to treat other diseases.

Targeted drug delivery 3D rendering
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We're researching how microbes can cause infectious diseases and benefit human health, and tackling antibiotic resistance by identifying new molecules in pathogenic microbes.

Microbiome rendering
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Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases

We're exploring the molecules and molecular processes that cause diseases, and working to develop better treatments.

Molecular structure model
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We're looking at the architecture and function of the nervous system – and how it relates to development, normal health, and neurological disorders.

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Pharmacy Practice

We're working to improve the practices, selection, use and disposal of pharmaceuticals to protect the environment, and we're promoting the vital role pharmacists can play in delivering better care to patients.

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