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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, of conscious and unconscious phenomena, and the way humans and other species think, feel and behave.

Our fundamental and applied research reflects the broad scope of psychological study, exploring topics from child development of social skills to eye witness testimony, from the evolution of primate facial expressions to the factors affecting drug use.

Our researchers are addressing important issues in society, whether helping law enforcement agencies prosecute, developing methods to improve wellbeing and quality of life, supporting animal conservation and welfare initiatives, or unpacking the basics of psychological functioning.

Our research contributes to the University's Health and Wellbeing research theme, which seeks to improve society through enhancing health and wellbeing, and the University’s Security and Risk theme, which seeks to address the challenges of maintaining the security of individuals, organisations and societies in an interconnected world.

Equally, our work in behavioural ecology, animal welfare and environmental conservation addresses key issues surrounding the University’s Sustainability and the Environment theme – while our research into the building blocks of social interaction, group processes and the evolution of human and animal societies ties into the Democratic Citizenship theme, by providing insights into contemporary culture, and the changes and challenges faced by people around the world.

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