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Theatre, performance and music research

Explore our research across our 4 areas of expertise in Theatre, Performance and Music

Theatre, performance and music have long been recognised as deeply meaningful forms and have been used to entertain people, enrich lives and effect social change. As these forms are constantly evolving, we need to analyse and understand them to keep abreast of their functions and meanings in contemporary society.

Our research into theatre, performance and music in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries employs the very latest methods, practices, and understandings to illuminate these fascinating areas.

Whether we are exploring how art forms combine with activism to shine a light on social injustice or investigating the latest tools, technologies and applications that are increasingly available to everyone, our research cuts through the most difficult issues involving theatre, performance and music.

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Find out more about the research and facilities that shape our work in the 4 areas of expertise below. Learn more about our recent projects, the academic and industrial partners with whom we collaborate, and the major funders who support our work.

Applied Theatre

Our research in this area explores how theatre and performance can be used in an educational, community or therapeutic context.

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We're investigating music and sound and creating new tools to enhance performance and creativity.

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Musical theatre

Our work engages with forms that articulate music with theatre, and explores the historical, social, economic and educational contexts underpinning shows on Broadway and the West End.

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Performance Practices

We're discovering answers to political and philosophical problems, by investigating performance and its practices.

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