The broad focus of this group is research into cross-border transnational and supranational dimensions of Europe, the European Union and the wider world past and present. The group comprises researchers from political studies, history, sociology, ethnology and cultural studies fostering interdisciplinary debate and co-operation. Research projects under way cover a number of strands. Within the field of European and EU politics and public administration work is being undertaken on European institutions and policy-making, civil society, socialisation and policy transfer; research in contemporary history addresses the growth and role of transnational political and policy networks, issues of cultural transfer and convergence, and the origins of new EU policy fields; work in sociology and ethnology covers issues related to cross-border migration, social and ethnic 'othering' and identity formation, for example; and research in cultural studies addresses questions such as representations of the EU and transnational aspects of European history in museums and transnational dimensions of films and film production such as inter-cultural encounters and cross-cultural transfers.

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