Sea view of Old Portsmouth, with outside stone benches

Constanza's Story

Finding property in Portsmouth

When my partner and I moved here from Spain, we were too late to apply for halls together. As if moving to a new city in a new country wasn’t daunting enough. Fortunately University of Portsmouth were quick to advise us how to find a place.

We set about looking for private accommodation, and attended a house-hunting event put on by the University, where I’m studying Biomedical Sciences. We were recommended a website where we could find a list of trusted landlords, and advisors were on hand to answer any questions we had throughout.

There were so many places to choose from, but because we had arrived later than others, some of the most affordable options had already been taken. However, we soon managed to find a great place near Milton Park with three other students and were settled in no time.

The nice thing about living slightly out of town is the serenity it brings. When I want to study, the house is quiet and I can focus, and with the park nearby it doesn’t feel like I’m in the bustle of the city. When we want to go out and enjoy Portsmouth, we’re a short journey from the city centre, so the option is always there.

It’s a vibrant place. There are restaurants serving food from everywhere you can imagine, and even a Latin club night me and my partner go to all the time. There are reminders of home everywhere, and we feel very settled here now.


  • Don’t be scared to ask for advice. There are people at the University specifically to help you find a home.
  • Consider living slightly out of town for peace of mind and focused study.