Andrew's PhD helped him become an outstanding educator

My reason for pursuing a postgraduate qualification was to become a role model to the secondary school students I teach.

I made the decision to return to the University after having a really positive experience studying a PGCE and MSc here. The support and inspiration I received from my lecturers and supervisors during these courses was exceptional. Because of this, I knew that I was really going to get the best out of doing my PhD at the same university. During my qualifications, I have learnt three important skills that I think will help me to achieve my goals: time management, how to be a good team player and how to find inspiration.

Alongside my studies I am a part-time Physics teacher at an independent school, I also have a wife and three children. Thankfully my PhD research has been made so flexible and captivating by my world-class supervisor (in my opinion) that I've been able to effectively manage my time. I've been able to merge my research, work life, family life and keep fit by running, dancing, Zumba and playing football.

As a result of studying at the University, the parents and students at my school refer to me as an 'outstanding physics teacher'. Thanks to the University of Portsmouth I feel that I am really one of the best physics teachers around (to be modest).

Andrew Nomoja, PhD Physics

Portsmouth has been a great city for me to complete my studies in. It's lovely to be so close to the seaside and there's a vibrant diversified community that has a comparatively low cost of living. Alongside the excellent educational support, it really is the perfect recipe for success.

The University of Portsmouth has helped me get to the point where I really consider myself as successful and content. The quality of education, as well as the team building and bonding that I've received while studying at the University has significantly contributed to my illustrious career.

Moving forward I'd really like to continue my goal of becoming an outstanding educator, either in secondary or tertiary settings. I would also like to become a successful investor.

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