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The pandemic led Jakub to re-examine his career path and make the most of his MSc Digital Business Management studies

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After graduating with first class Honours in Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation from De Montfort University, I couldn't decide whether to continue my education or take a short break from academic life to gain professional experience. It was a challenging decision, and I spent many hours considering the best options available.

I decided to continue my studies after analysing the course of the pandemic around the world, the impact the outbreak will have on the labour market and how global companies will transform their structures. The pandemic led me to focus on courses related to digital marketing and digital business management.

I now study MSc Digital Business Management full-time after receiving a Postgraduate Master’s Loan from the Student Loan Company and a Master’s Scholarship for New Students from the University of Portsmouth.

Ring fenced for Postgrad Prospectus / PG Recruitment

From the first day, my course concentrated on the impact of digital technology on the business world. My lecturers are experts in their fields, with knowledge of the latest academic frameworks and models, business trends, strategies and leading enterprise software.

Jakub Budzioch, MSc Digital Business Management

Thanks to free access through the University to LinkedIn Learning, I've signed up to courses related to business management, leadership, public speaking and marketing. I've also got access to Salesforce, a professional CRM software used by global companies, and I'm in the process of gaining my qualifications as a junior admin. I've taken advantage of the University's professional support to improve my CV and cover letter. I'm also a postgraduate student ambassador, which is an exciting adventure and an excellent opportunity.

After graduation, I would like to work for a startup, focused on meeting customer needs using modern technology. My dream job is to work in the video game industry for legendary companies such as CD Red Project, EA, Ubisoft or Rockstar Games. After one or two years working for someone, I'd like to create my own company offering digital entertainment to gamers all over the world.

I've always wanted to live in a city close to the sea and be able to take a book to the beach with me. In Portsmouth, there are many interesting places and you won't get bored as there's a variety of student societies and activities. When choosing my future university as a home, these factors were of great importance to me.

With the current pandemic, this is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of your time. Do something valuable, for which you will later thank yourself. It will not last forever. If I could do it, then I am sure you can do it too.