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We're making it easier than ever to study online

This year, you'll do more learning online – here's how to access all the resources you need

If you don't have a computer of your own, or just want to work on campus, you can use a University computer or laptop.

This includes using one of the 600 computers available across campus in IT access areas, or borrowing a University laptop from a laptop locker for up to 12 hours. You can also access one of the University campus computers remotely, meaning you can use high spec machines and specialist software without even leaving your bedroom.

During the pandemic we successfully ran a long-term laptop loan scheme ran successfully in 2020/21, supporting students with a free laptop loan who otherwise wouldn't have been able to study off-campus. Now that campus is re-open, we won't be repeating the scheme for 2021/22 - but there's plenty of short term laptop loans and PCs available for you to access if you need one.

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