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Degree apprenticeships combine work experience and a university education. You don't have to pay tuition fees and you can earn whilst you study. You can access all the University's facilities and support that full-time students do, with the added benefit of practical experience and financial security.

Come along to our Open Day to explore the types of degree apprenticeship you could do with us. You can also talk to some of our partner employers about the degree apprentice roles they offer.

If you're interested in Level 6 Degree Apprenticeships come to an undergraduate Open Day event. Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship prospective students can explore our postgraduate Open Evenings.

Come to one of our degree apprenticeship Open Days to:

  • Discover more about our courses
  • Attend course talks and meet our academics
  • Meet potential employers

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We have no upcoming degree apprenticeship Open Days for now. To register your interest for future events, or to find out more, contact

TEF Gold 2023

Gold rating in national assessment of teaching excellence

Our TEF Gold rating ranks Portsmouth amongst the top universities in the UK for teaching. 

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