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Short courses in criminal justice

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We offer outstanding short courses in many aspects of criminal justice – from programmes focused on working with victims of crime, missing persons, and the rehabilitation of offenders, to community justice knowledge modules in subjects such as crime and criminal behaviour, and penal policy.

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Criminal justice studies short courses 

Doctors and police officers are required to work together to respond to the unexpected death of a child. This short course tackles evidence from Serious Case Reviews which indicates that a lack of understanding of respective agency roles can cause a breakdown in trust and communication, and lead to increased anxiety.

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On this online short course, you'll gain an insight into the difficulties and challenges faced by victims of crime, whether they choose to report it or not.

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Distance Learning

On this Missing Persons: Global Perspectives short course, you'll consider the needs and challenges faced by people who go missing, and their relatives.

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On this course, which is unavailable anywhere else, you'll gain a practical and academic understanding of intellectual property (IP) crime and illicit trade.

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On this short course you'll learn the legal aspects of corporate corruption and bribery, so you can identify and analyse it where it occurs, and develop strategies and tools to prevent it.

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Community Justice Knowledge Modules

These modules are covered on our Level 5 DipHE Community Justice course or are available to study individually if you want to become a Probation Officer and currently hold a Level 5 Higher Education award but haven't studied these topics. The Knowledge Modules are available via distance learning at any time so you can study from anywhere and submit assignments online.

Level 5 Community Justice Knowledge Modules

On this course you'll critically evaluate the idea of a joined up criminal justice system and the place of the National Probation Service, and Community Rehabilitation Companies. You'll explore theoretical models, which are useful to understand trends and changes to the criminal justice system, and learn about the pros and cons of multi-agency working.

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On this course you'll explore philosophies of punishment, the significance of prison, the relevance of community based punishments and the place of the probation service.

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On this module you'll examine the sociological and psychological theories that help us understand criminality. You'll unpack the social construction of what we understand crime to be, and evaluate the extent of crime in society. You'll also explore criminological explanations of gang related crime, and theoretical approaches to crimes of the poor and of the powerful.

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On this module you'll explore the many definitions and approaches to understand the rehabilitation of offenders. You'll evaluate approaches for rehabilitation, highlighting both the ‘What Works’ policy, and the significance of research and policy formation.

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