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Discover how we use our lab and testing facilities to solve research challenges and find out you can use them too 

Our lab and testing facilities are key to our teaching, research and collaborative work with our industry and business partners.

Our ongoing investment in new labs and testing facilities gives our students an excellent experience. They benefit from hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and techniques. Through investment, we're helping our researchers find new solutions to pressing issues facing society and the planet.

We're already seeing the benefits of investment. Our lab and testing facilities played a key role in recent research successes at the University, such as the ground-breaking development of a plastic-eating enzyme in our biophysical laboratories.

We've developed strong collaborative partnerships with business through our laboratories and testing facilities – such as our SAP Next Generation business software lab, our UPGEL network of science and technology laboratories, and our Institute of Marine Sciences, which offers sample gathering, testing, and consultancy services to industry and government clients.

Our close partnerships with research centres and businesses allows us to offer students and researchers access to several off-campus labs and testing facilities – including our Environmental Technology Field Station, the Harwell Science and Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire, and the particle accelerator at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France.

Featured laboratory and testing facilities

Facilities locations

Use the map below to find the address and contact details for our lab and testing facilities


Additive Manufacturing and X-ray Microscopy Laboratories

Our Additive Manufacturing and X-ray Microscopy Labs allow researchers and businesses to inspect 3D objects with high precision, and to turn 3D models into physical objects.

Advanced Composite Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory

The Advanced Composite Materials & Manufacturing Lab is at the centre of our research and development into the design, creation & testing of greener materials.

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Biomechanics Laboratory

This laboratory helps sports science students understand biomechanics; the study of the human body and how it moves in mechanical terms

Biophysical laboratories

We use our biophysics laboratories to study the structures and functions of molecules under different conditions.

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Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy enables students to learn, experiment, share their work and obtain industry-leading Cisco certifications.

Concrete Laboratory

Our Concrete Laboratory is used mainly by civil engineering students to produce & mix concrete samples & undertake compressive testing.

Crushing Laboratory

How the Crushing Laboratory's equipment splits, crushes & mills solid rock samples to fine dust or powder for molecular analysis.

Cutting Labratory

Our Cutting Laboratory is used by specially trained technicians to prepare rock samples by extracting cores & slicing thin sections for analysis.

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Laboratories

Learn how to secure and analyse data in this professionally equipped digital forensics facility. Find out how real investigators tackle cyber crime and get practical cybersecurity experience.

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Dr Alex Milligan Research Laboratory

This facility is at the heart of our Sport & Exercise Science research area & is devoted to a range of projects including pioneering breast health research.

Drilling and Petroleum Engineering Laboratory

Measurements & tests are conducted on rock & fluid samples in the Drilling & Petroleum Engineering Laboratory to aid the exploration & extraction of hydrocarbons.

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Electron microscopy and microanalysis unit

We provide expertise in high-magnification imaging and analysis of the chemical and physical structure of natural and manufactured materials in our electron microscopy and microanalysis unit

Environmental Chemistry Analysis Laboratory

We use our environmental chemistry analysis laboratory to identify and analyse chemicals & biochemicals in the air, soil and water.

Environmental Technology Laboratory

We use our Environmental Technology Laboratory to test the quality of bathing water, wastewater and soil chemistry.

Extreme Environments Laboratories

These labs help us understand, evaluate, and enhance people's comfort, performance, and survival in extreme environments such as high altitudes, humid jungles and rough seas.

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Geochemistry Laboratory

The Geochemistry Laboratory is used by Environmental Science, Palaeontology & Geology students to study the properties of the Earth’s surface materials.

Geotechnics Laboratory

The Geotechnics Laboratory or Soils Lab has equipment for analysing fine and coarse grained soils.

Gis and Remote Sensing Laboratory

We have specialist equipment in our GIS & Remote Sensing laboratory to analyse & create visual representations of the Earth's surface.

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High Performance Computing Laboratory

Use the high-end hardware in this facility to super-charge your data processing. Find out more about the High Performance Computing Laboratory

Hydraulics Laboratory

The Hydraulics Laboratory helps civil engineering students investigate all aspects of open channel flow; from flow over weirs to hydraulic jumps.

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Institute of Marine Sciences

We use these facilities to monitor & test marine environments. Find out about our equipment and how you can use our marine services and expertise.

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Manufacturing Laboratory

Explore our Manufacturing Laboratory, where you can practise your engineering skills in cutting, milling and moulding, using a range of machines with our technical support.

Mass Spectrometry and Laser Ablation Laboratory

In our Mass Spectrometry & Laser Ablation Laboratory we analyse trace element & isotopes of geological, environmental, industrial & construction materials.

Materials Coating Laboratory

The Materials Coating Laboratory contains a plasma sputtering machine which 'spray paints' substrate surfaces with thin layers of film.

Metrology Laboratory

Discover how our Metrology Laboratory helps us understand and practise the science of measurement, using a range of equipment and machinery.

Mineral Separation Laboratory

Our Mineral Separation Laboratory is used to separate & pick crystal grains from crushed rock for Palynology slides.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory

The Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory creates high-quality crystals which can be used as semiconductors in science & industry.

Monitoring aquatic pollution

Chemcatcher is a passive sampling device for monitoring pollutants in the aquatic environment.

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Nanomaterials Laboratory

A billionth of a metre in size, nanotechnology is changing the world. Our Nanomaterials Laboratory is at the centre of research into nano-technologies.

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Palaeontology and Advanced Microscopy Laboratories

The specialist equipment in our Palaeontology & Advanced Microscopy Laboratories helps us research how life on Earth began, evolved and diversified.

Pharmaceutics Laboratories

How our Pharmaceutics laboratories help students understand everything from the causes & consequences of diseases to developing & testing new drugs.

Physical Geography and Meteorology Laboratories

Our Physical Geography & Meteorology Laboratories include the latest equipment, including a rainfall simulator & automatic weather stations.

Physiology Laboratory

Our physiology laboratory equipment includes treadmills, ergometers & blood monitoring machines.

Power Electronics Laboratory

Our Power Electronics Laboratory supports learning in the field of electrical & power engineering, enabling students to study the impact of electrical loads.

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Quality of Working Life Surveys

We help organisations tackle stress and improve the experience of their employees

Quantum Optics Laboratory

Explore how how light interacts with matter at the submicroscopic levels in our Quantum Optics Laboratory.

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Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy Laboratory

In our Remote Sensing & Spectroscopy Laboratory you'll access remote imaging, data processing techniques and virtual reality systems.

Rock Mechanics Laboratory

In our Rock Mechanics Laboratory (RML) you'll use the latest technology to measure the properties of minerals and rocks under simulated geological stress conditions.

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SAP Next Generation Lab

Our SAP Next Generation Lab is where we develop business solutions using the world's leading cloud-based business software.

SCIAMA Supercomputer

Find out how the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation's SCIAMA Supercomputer is helping answer questions about the origins of the universe, and much more.

Sports and Human Performance Testing

Our sports performance testing conducted in our Human Performance Unit can help prepare you to perform in any environment, identify your strengths and weaknesses and monitor and guide your training. Find out more about our sports and human performance testing.

System Administration and Networking Suite

Our System Administration and Networking Suite provides an environment for large-scale network simulation experiments.

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Telecommunications and Control Laboratory

Explore how to transmit radio waves, build circuit boards and analyse high-frequency signals at our Telecommunications Laboratories.

Thermofluids Laboratory

Home to the Formula Student team, the Thermofluids Laboratory is where we study renewable energy, fluid mechanics, heat transfer & thermodynamics.

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Undergraduate Physics Laboratory

Our Undergraduate Physics Laboratory is an open plan learning space where Physics students conduct supervised, practice-based experiments.

Usability Laboratory

Find out how users interact with apps and devices, and learn how to make your creations easier to use.