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Our lab and testing facilities are key to our teaching, research and collaborative work with our industry and business partners.

Our ongoing investment in new labs and testing facilities gives our students an excellent experience. They benefit from hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and techniques. Through investment, we're helping our researchers find new solutions to pressing issues facing society and the planet.

We're already seeing the benefits of investment. Our lab and testing facilities played a key role in recent research successes at the University, such as the ground-breaking development of a plastic-eating enzyme in our biophysical laboratories.

We've developed strong collaborative partnerships with business through our laboratories and testing facilities – such as our SAP Next Generation business software lab, our UPGEL network of science and technology laboratories, and our Institute of Marine Sciences, which offers sample gathering, testing, and consultancy services to industry and government clients.

Our close partnerships with research centres and businesses allows us to offer students and researchers access to several off-campus labs and testing facilities – including our Environmental Technology Field Station, the Harwell Science and Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire, and the particle accelerator at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France.

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Extreme environments laboratories

See how altitude and humidity affect people's comfort, performance and survival. Features an immersion pool and swimming flume, which acts like a treadmill for swimmers.

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Institute of Marine Sciences

Explore the marine ecosystems of the Solent European Marine Site at our shoreside marine station, complete with floating research platform, £2 million aquarium and laboratory suite, and 2 research vessels, RV Calypso and RV Noctiluca

IMS Pontoon; 18th June 2019
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Biophysical laboratories

Use professional-standard equipment to explore how the structures and functions of molecules change under different conditions.

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Environmental Chemistry Analysis Laboratory

Use the equipment in this lab to identify and analyse chemicals and biochemicals in surface water, groundwater and soil, so you can develop strategies to minimise and remove their harmful environmental effects.

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Mass Spectrometry and Laser Ablation Laboratory

Investigate the geological and planetary processes that influence environment change and natural resource formation in this lab, using our industry standard spectrometers and laser ablation system.

Burnaby June 2019
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SAP Next Generation Lab

Gain practical skills with cloud-based software such as SAP and S&P Capital IQ, in our dedicated lab.

BAL-0519-Business Talk
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