Our Analogue and Digital Electronics Laboratory is the key teaching lab for the School of Energy and Electronic Engineering. It’s where our students build circuits on prototyping boards, from simple ‘breadboard’ circuits to complex devices built with programmable components. It also holds testing equipment to ensure the devices designed here are safe and work as intended. 

The facility is also available for final year projects and postgraduate study. We have two electronics technicians on staff to support your studies. 

The lab’s equipment parallels the electronics prototyping and testing systems used in industry, so graduates from the School enter the job market in a strong position to pursue careers such as consumer electronics, computing or automotive design - or any role where hardware design or embedded software design is required.


  • 38 workstations, each with appropriate software, a power supply, an oscilloscope and a signal generator
  • ‘Breadboards’ for prototyping circuit designs and a large range of commonly used components
  • Specialist facilities for the design and development of embedded systems or for the implementation of circuits on FPGAs: large-scale programmable digital logic circuits, commonly used at the heart of complex digital systems such as computer graphics cards
Not for large scale publications

"After I saw the lab equipment and facilities on offer, I knew I wanted to come to Portsmouth. I spend my day in the labs, working on a range of projects. Being able to put in place what I’ve learned in lectures into a successful project is always exciting."

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Analogue and Digital Electronics Laboratory

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