The Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Laboratory simulates the environment of a professional digital forensics and cybersecurity laboratory. It's equipped with everything required to secure and analyse digital evidence, without leaving any trace of your analysis. Cybercrime and forensic investigations are simulated in a safe, controlled environment.

You'll access machines capable of running multiple operating systems, with root level access, on a secure closed network. You can tackle all aspects of the digital forensic process – including collection, storage, analysis and presentation of evidence. Supplementary facilities, such as evidence lockers, are also available.

Among the equipment is our autopsy table, where you can dismantle and examine computers and other devices as part of your training. High spec computers are also available to perform complex calculations required for cryptographic analysis, with the power to perform brute force work if needed.

Student working in forensics lab

The Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Lab is open to all students at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the School of Computing


  • High spec computers – hardware with the capability to simulate and perform all aspects of digital forensics and cyber security
  • NUIX, XRY FTK, Cellebrite and SecurCube forensic analysis software
  • Acquisition kits – featuring hardware write blockers to acquire images from hard drives, RAM and mobile phones. You can also use mobile acquisition kits.
  • Device 'autopsy' table

Where to find us

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Laboratory

School of Computing, Room 0.14
Buckingham Building

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