Petroleum engineering focuses on the development, exploration, drilling, production and management of our oil and natural gas resources, and other minerals. Using their knowledge of petroleum geology and reservoir behaviour, petroleum engineers develop safe, effective ways to explore and recover hydrocarbon products on- and off-shore.

Our Petroleum Engineering Laboratory houses equipment and facilities for the measurements and tests – conducted on reservoir rock and fluid samples – which provide the necessary data for drilling and reservoir engineering practices.

Students can calculate drilling mud properties and rheology (the study of the flow of matter), and the properties of rock samples and core plugs – including porosity, permeability (an indication of the ability for fluids to flow through rocks) and relative permeabilities.

As well as experimental facilities, the lab also benefits from a drilling simulator and samples for hydrocarbon fluids, formation rocks and well intervention tools.

Students on our MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering course make frequent use of the lab. Petroleum Engineering students – along with some PhD students from the Geology department – use the facility to determine core properties from Siliciclastic and Carbonate core samples.

In the past, MSc students have also performed experiments on core samples property determination and comparative studies between digital and experimental core analysis.


  • Porosity measurement apparatus
  • Soxhlet extractor, for the extraction of a liquid from a solid material
  • Manual saturator and desaturation equipment
  • Air and liquid permeability measurement apparatus
  • Drilling mud density, viscosity, rheology and filtration measuring equipment
  • Resistivity/conductivity measuring apparatus
  • Drilling alkalinity/temperature probe
  • High power/high tower (HPHT) and low power/low tower (LTLP) measuring equipment
  • Drilling simulator
  • Bacteriocin Release Protein (BRP) relative permeability measurement apparatus

Where to find us

Drilling and Petroleum Engineering Laboratory

School of Mechanical and Design Engineering
Anglesea Building
Anglesea Road

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