The Mineral Separation Laboratory is used to separate and pick crystal grains from crushed rock for palynology slides. Palynology – the study of dust or particles – helps us understand how the earth was formed and could help tackle climate change and solve declining energy sources.

Students use this lab on courses including BSc (Hons) Geology and MRes Science. The lab is also used by PhD candidates and supports research carried out by staff and students in the Crustal Evolution Research Group, which is studying the origins of plate tectonics, or continental drift.


  • Holman Wilfley separating table to separate crushed minerals
  • Gravity and heavy liquid separation facilities to separate grains by density
  • Research grade microscopes for picking accessory grains
  • Electro-magnet based separation system for picking magnetic material


Where to find us

Mineral Separation Laboratory

Burnaby Building BB2.15
Burnaby Road