Our childhood play and development facilities include a sensory room and a play room. You can use the facilities to acquire professional skills in areas such as early childhood education, early years teaching, occupational therapy, play therapy, play work, psychology and social work.

The facilities are mainly used by undergraduates studying degrees in Early Childhood Studies or Childhood and Youth Studies. Students studying sociology, psychology and social psychology can also use them.

The facilities help you gain knowledge and understanding of how a child’s environment can be adapted to suit individual needs and family preferences.

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Sensory room

The sensory room has a variety of heuristic play materials and sensory stimulus for babies and children of all ages with ongoing issues to encourage sensory integration and cognitive stimulation. You'll explore different materials, objects and activities designed to promote kinaesthetic, visual, auditory and olfactory sensations.

You'll attend small group seminars where you'll be encouraged to reflect on the use of sensory materials in therapeutic and play scenarios with young children.

You'll be guided in the use of the sensory room by staff with experience in sensory stimulation, sensory integration, therapeutic approaches to play, social work and effective family partnerships.

Our sensory room features

  • a tent to experience different visuals
  • pillows and box of toys to touch and explore
  • music corner

Play room

The play room has play equipment used in nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes, enabling you to relate to childhood experience directly.

In the specialist family suite, you'll practice developing effective working relationships with parents and families – a crucial aspect of effective practice in early childhood education.

Our play room features

  • literature on play theory
  • toys
  • books
  • craft materials
  • video materials

Where to find us

Childhood play and development facilities

Room 3.16 and 3.17
St Georges Building
141 High Street