Every academic year, our Board of Governors publishes an audit of our financial statements. This is to make sure our financial management is accurate and robust. This publication is a yearly overview of our financial performance including statements on income and expenditure, the university balance sheet, changes in reserves and cash flow.

Our financial strategy

We have a robust financial strategy that delivers a successful and financially sustainable university. Over recent years, we've invested heavily in our estates and will continue to do so. And continue to deploy our resources efficiently. We will plan our capital investment more effectively to derive maximum strategic benefits. We will also increase our monitoring of our planned and actual investments.

Accessing our statements

We publish our financial statements in PDFs. We want our PDFs to be accessible to everyone but we know that some older PDFs are not accessible to screen reader software. If you need a PDF in a different format, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

View our financial statements:

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