‌I joined Portsmouth Business School in January 2018 following sixteen years at the University of Essex where I was Professor of Finance and Director of Education, and before that eight years at London Guildhall University. Prior to entering academia, I worked in a variety of positions including at the National Economic Development Office (NEDO) and the Treasury and Civil Service Committee at the House of Commons.

Research interests

My academic background is as an economist with specialisms in financial economics and financial management. In the past I would have described myself as a heterodox economist but I am now best described as a behavioural (financial) economist. A theme throughout my research is how markets actually work in practice – I have applied both qualitative and quantitative methods to addressing this question. This has ranged from exploring how lumpy capacity decisions can be coordinated and whether more or less competition helps to achieve a beneficial outcome, to examining the financial decision making of companies, professional investors and households