I joined the Faculty of Business and Law in October 2015. I did my PhD in Marketing and MSc in Management with Marketing with Merits at University of Bath, and my undergraduate studies in BEng in Natural Resources at University of Guillan.  I had more than five years of commercial experience in sales in a number of International companies spanning around different sectors, such as oil and gas industry to agricultural commodities.

Research interests

My research interests are regarding creativity in commercial creative industries, organisational ethnography, cultural studies, and practice based studies. I am also interested in exploring the interdependence between socio-cultural conditions and the marketing practices especially in the globalised era where these might lead to social conflicts; for example, conspicuous consumption in Islamic states which is in contrary to the spirit of religious 'heroic' anti-consumerism.

Another interest of mine is regarding the use of theories of practice to implement change and promote sustainable practices. Furthermore, I have a deep interest for understanding the micro-level formation of a phenomenon and legitimizing the work.