I am working in the area of computer graphics and visualisation in the School of Creative Technologies. I am a senior member of the IEEE, member of ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH pioneers and area editor for the journal Transactions on Creative Technologies. I have been involved in developing several high TRL, open-source solutions, including a framework for data processing and visual discovery in biomedical sciences, a cloud-enabled toolkit for data exploration and visual analytics in astrophysics, a virtual reality framework for exploration of structure from motion models in geosciences and a scalable high-performance rendering engine framework for particle visualisation. The focus of recent research activities has been on supporting new approaches to underpin data intensive problems in disciplines ranging from computational cosmology and astrophysics to geosciences for physical realism, integration of remote and interactive high-performance computing applications with web environments, optimised utilisation of emerging computing infrastructures and smart processing of real-time big data pipelines, with particular emphasis on developing novel services on the emerging EOSC ecosystem. Our research has been carried out under funding from several bodies including FP7, HPC-EUROPA, STFC, Erasmus+ and H2020 whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

Research interests

My research interests are on emerging technologies for smart big data exploration and visual discovery including hardware-accelerated algorithms, seamlessly embedding visual solutions within user workflows in the context of high performance computing and computational cloud infrastructures. I am further interested in solutions bridging the gap between arts and technology to support advanced tools in computer games, e-learning systems and virtual reality.