Pierre Failler is a Reader who has been with the University of Portsmouth and CEMARE since 1997. He is and has coordinated around 20 research projects in Europe (5th and 6th EU FP), Africa, the Caribbean and Asia (4th, 5th and 6th EU INCO FP; IUCN; UNEP; Dfid; FAO). He has recently completed a major EU-INCO project ECOST (2005-2010) with 23 partners in Asia, Africa, South Pacific, Europe and Caribbean where the societal costs of fishing practices and fishery policies have been evaluated.

He is a scientific evaluator for the International Foundation for Science (2004-to date), the Canadian Research Council (2006-to date), the European Commission DG-Research (2002-to date), the DG-Development and Co-operation (2001-to date), the French Agency for Research (2006-to date). He is also evaluator and reviewer of international projects on Marine resources management (SWIOF project in Indian Ocean, 2011), Fishery Development (DG-Development, FAO, UNEP, World Bank, etc., onwards), Marine resources and environment Research (West African Regional Marine and Coastal Conservation Program, onward) and Fishing agreements (European Parliament, IUCN, Dfid, onward). He is member of the Committee board of the Programme “Financial sustainability of Marine protected areas in West Africa” IUCN-PRCM (Nov. 2009-Dec. 2012) and the IUCN think thank “SEA” (2011-to date).

He is the author or co-author of about 300 journal articles, book chapters, research reports, consultancy reports, media reports, conference and workshop papers, conference proceedings, etc. He is also a reviewer for peer-review journals incl. Marine Policy, Fishery Research, journal of Ocean and Coastal zone management, Aquaculture, Ecological Economics, Ecological modelling, ICES journal of Marine Science, Scientific Research and Essays, etc.

Research Interests

  • Economic development
  • Marine resources economics
  • Trade and food security
  • Blue carbon market
  • Payment for marine ecosystem services

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