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18 June 2024 | Book now

Discover Fashion, Photography and Graphic Design at university

Art and design play a significant role in shaping our world, influencing culture, provoking thought, and inspiring action.

Studying a creative course at university will you the skills and expertise to develop your own visual identity and specialism. And opportunities will be yours for the taking, because your ability to communicate complex ideas with creativity and clarity will be in high demand when you graduate.

At our Taster Day on 18 June 2024, you'll choose to explore Fashion, Graphic Design, or Photography when you save your place, ready to:

  • Get involved in hands-on workshops, turning your concepts into tangible creations
  • Use our design studios and facilities that mirror the professional world to bring your ideas to life, giving you a better understanding of what it's like to study creative courses at university
  • See how our courses offer real-client projects and placements at top brands, setting you up for a successful career in various industries

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Guide to Taster Days

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Creative and Cultural Industries Placements

Our Connected Degrees put the power in your hands. Portsmouth is the only UK university that offers flexible sandwich placements for undergraduates. 

At our Art & Design Taster

Get ready to:

  • Choose to get an in-depth overview of Fashion, Photography and Graphic Design courses when you save your place
  • Explore cutting-edge facilities, such as our industrial sewing machines, laser cutters and clo3d software to render 2D patterns to 3D patterns which can be simulated onto an avatar, plus professional design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
  • Tour our lively studio environments that simulate the professional world
  • Learn about graduate destinations and career opportunities – our past students have gone into graduate jobs with big names in fashion like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and designers like Aardman Digital 
  • Discover the varied job roles that your technical skills could lead to, such as art director, design manager, advertising creative, visual merchandiser, branding expert, textile designer and more
  • Chat with current students about life as a student at Portsmouth and the different creative courses that they study
  • Gain useful ideas that you can channel into your UCAS personal statement and portfolio when applying to university, showing your creative passion
  • Learn about Connected Degrees at Portsmouth, the only UK university to offer a three-year course with 4th year placement.

Taster Day location and meeting point

Check in opens at 10.00am at Eldon Building, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ. Look out for our students in purple T-shirts who'll help direct you.

If you're arriving by coach or minibus, we recommend parking on Museum Road, Portsmouth which is just outside of the Ravelin Sports Centre. For more information on checking in and how to get here, take a look at our guide to taster days page.


Check-in from 10.00am at Eldon Building, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO1 2DJ, and get ready to learn about studying creative courses courses at university.

Here's our guide to subject taster days, should you want to learn a little more about our Taster Days before booking or arrival.

In a world where design and visual identity are fundamental to major brands, your ability to transform creative ideas into tangible designs is invaluable. Fashion, photography, graphic arts, and design graduates with a knack for communicating complex ideas with flair and precision are always sought after by employers.

If you're thinking about studying a degree in one of these fields, we'll show you how the skills, knowledge, and experience you'll gain at university will help you thrive in diverse industries.

Discover the diverse professional pathways, impactful brands, and technical expertise that await you as you start on your creative journey.

We have 4 exciting options for you to experience in a mixture of Fashion, Photography or Graphic design.

*Pick your first session from this list when you save your place

  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Photography
  • or Graphic Design

If you can imagine it, you can create it. Get ready to turn your vision into tangible designs at our Taster. More details on the sessions will be available soon.

Re-fuel; remember to bring your lunch or grab something from one of our cashless cafes on campus.

We have 4 exciting options for you to experience in a mixture of Fashion, Photography or Graphic design.

*Pick your second session from this list when you save your place

  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Fashion Marketing
  • or Graphic Design

Your second session will be a different option to your first, allowing you to explore a range of creative subjects and see how they blend together when working on projects.

More details on the sessions will be available soon.

Go on a tour of our innovative School of Creative Technologies to discover the diverse range of creative courses available to you, and our exceptional facilities, including newsroom, 3D workshops, print workshops, VR labs, video editing suites, and music studio.

We'll also showcase our entre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality, the UK’s first integrated facility with a full suite of extended reality technologies.

* Sessions may be subject to change.