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17 January 2023 | Book now

Get a taste of studying a degree in Criminology at university

Where there's civilisation, there's crime. It's a global concern, both on a local and international scale.

Studying a Criminology degree means looking at the deep lying reasons behind criminal behaviour. What social and psychological factors motivate their actions? What are the effects of crime on people and communities? It means you, tackling one of society's biggest challenges.  

Up to the challenge? Discover the fascinating and complex world of Criminology at our Taster Day on 17 January 2023, and see why we're leading the way in Criminology studies at Portsmouth.

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At our Criminology Taster Day, you’ll:

  • Find out what it’s like to study Criminology, Forensic Studies, and Criminal Justice, Criminology with Psychology, Cybercrime and Professional Policing at degree level
  • Be the investigator in discussing and solving a real murder case
  • Pick and choose to watch talks like why people offend, how forensics can save the world's most-trafficked animal, using insects to understand circumstances surrounding death and the world of UK policing
  • Discover our links to industry and get ready to follow our previous students into graduate jobs in the fields of law enforcement, probation, crime rehabilitation, cybercrime, counter fraud and crime prevention

Criminology and Forensic Studies Facilities at Portsmouth

Explore the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at our Taster Day

Taster Day location and meeting point

We'll meet at Park Building, King Henry I St, Portsmouth PO1 2BZ.

For schools and colleges arriving by coach or minibus, we recommend parking on Museum Road, Portsmouth.

For more information on checking in and how to get here, take a look at our guide to taster days page.

Taster Day programme

Here's what's coming up at the Criminology Taster Day in January 2023. Choose which 10.30am and 11.30am sessions to explore when you save your place.

Criminology Taster Day 2023

We're excited to meet you. Check in from 9.30am, grab a refreshment and get ready to learn about studying a degree in Criminology at uni.

Here's our guide to subject taster days, should you want to learn a little more about our taster days before booking.

We'll meet at Park Building, King Henry I St, Portsmouth PO1 2BZ.

Welcome! Get an intro to the event, life as a student and see what's coming up today.

When you book your place, you'll be able to choose to attend 1 session at 10.30am and 1 session at 11.30am.

*Pick to attend any 1 of the sessions as you book your place.

Criminology and Criminal Justice | The Secretive World of Offshore Finance

Examines recent data leaks of the ‘Panama Papers’ and ‘Paradise Papers’ and other financial scandals that have exposed the secretive offshore dealings of the rich and famous and political elite.

Criminology and Cybercrime | Tackling extremism and terrorism in the UK

Explore the fascinating and often misunderstood concepts of extremism, violent extremism and terrorism. Then scrutinise current threats posed by terrorism and violent extremism in the UK and policing responses to tackle extremism in the community.

Criminology and Forensic Studies | I spy with my little fly

'Did you know, flies can tell us how long someone has been dead at a crime scene? Explore how and why we use insects to reveal the secrets in a forensic investigation (please note that this contains sensitive images of animal remains, so viewer discretion is advised).

Criminology with Environmental Justice | Can forensics save the world's most-trafficked mammal?

Around 300 pangolins are illegally poached every day for their meat and scales. But a breakthrough in forensics means that we might now be able to identify those who are responsible. Discover the problem of wildlife crime and the ways it links to other serious and organised crimes, such as terrorism.

Criminology with Psychology | My time in prison: I volunteered to go to prison in Iceland

'For 2 weeks, I lived the life of a prisoner in Iceland's open prisons'. In this talk Professor Francis Pakes shares their psychological experience of living in prison in Iceland, with pictures and radical insights on how to make prisons work better.

Professional Policing | Line of Duty to Reality: An insight into the fascinating world of UK Policing

Immerse yourself into the world of Policing, as you explores real cases, the history of policing, a unique insight into how investigations are managed.

Quick breather. Take stock of the morning then get ready for the next session.

*Pick to attend any 1 of the sessions as you book your place.

Criminology and Criminal Justice | But how about human rights?

Any state in the world is obliged to protect its people from crime, prevent crime and to punish criminals. So let's discuss what human rights are, what they mean and why it is important to comply with human rights in criminal justice practices.

Criminology and Cybercrime | From Geeks to Cybermafia: A history of hacking

Explore the birth of the hacking movement in universities and its development in the past decades. See how the hacker movement has evolved in the last 30 years to include a worldwide community of innovators and activists, but also organised groups using the Darkweb.

Criminology and Forensic Studies | What lies beneath

Discover how forensic archaeology is used in criminal investigations, including homicide, genocide, organised crime, missing persons and cold cases.

Criminology with Environmental Justice | Do you like basmati rice?

Did you know that in 1997, one US corporation attempted to patent certain hybrids of basmati rice, but was largely blocked by the government of India? Explore the harms of biopiracy, and the potential effects international anti-biopiracy agreements can have on research into cancer, HIV, and other diseases.

Criminology with Psychology | People go to the pub on a Friday… we go out on the rob

Consider the role that burglary plays in experienced burglars' lives, and how we can use virtual reality to see whether burglars are ‘experts’ in their field, and whether this leads to habitual and unconscious offending.

Professional Policing | Is it time to routinely arm all police officers in England and Wales?

The reporting of violent crime is increasing. Many argue that now is the time to routinely arm all police officers in England and Wales with guns. Considers the views of both the police and the public, and other countries, to see if routine arming would help reduce crime rates in the UK.

Fuel-up. Feel free to bring your own lunch for the day or grab something from the cafeteria.

A body is found

Can you solve the case? Led by a former police detective, this session will talk you through a real murder investigation through the eyes of an investigator, and perhaps challenge your beliefs about who murderers are and why they do it.

This session is available to everyone in attendance.

Closing summary of the day, but the floor is yours to ask your questions – to lecturers and current students.

This could be about different Criminology subjects, any of the talks you've watched so far, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or whatever you want to know about uni.