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Explore our virtual tasters and learn all about studying a Maths and Physics degree at university

Enjoy numbers and solving problems? Big and exciting questions wait for you – in areas like technology, society, the environment and space exploration.

If you have an analytical mind and love to challenge the way we think about and use numbers, then discover what you could do with a Maths or Physics degree at our virtual taster days.

Join us for live sessions that will inspire and inform, with everything you need to get the best from your degree and your future: whatever ‘best’ means to you. Taster lectures, interactive workshops, student Q&As and sessions on career pathways for graduates. Your journey of discovery starts here.

Discover Mathematics and Physics

At our online Maths and Physics tasters, you’ll:

  • Marvel at the mysteries of the universe – of stars, galaxies, black holes and gravitational waves
  • Learn how mathematicians influence and shape important global events
  • Hear from current students about their learning experiences in different maths and physics courses
  • Discover fascinating careers and where a Maths or Physics degree can take you
  • Find out about transferable skills you’ll develop that will make you highly employable
  • Pick and choose what you want to watch and when – if you can’t join us live, watch everything on demand

Maths and Physics taster days programme

Although the event has finished, you can still sign up and we'll send you details on how to access recordings from the live sessions. Take a look at what you can catch up on below.

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Physics tasters

Let's explore the most fundamental of sciences, new technologies and solve complex problems together. 

Access on demand

Time: 9.00am-9.30am (and on demand throughout the 2 days)

Speakers: Professor Daniel Thomas and Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi

Welcome to the Physics taster. Get an intro to the event and find out makes the School of Maths and Physics so special, including how our passionate students are studying fascinating theories of physics, from quantum theory to cosmology.

Time: 9.45am-10.30am

Speakers: Dr Ian Harry and Dr Andrew Lundgren

Interested in computing, modelling and simulation? Computational physics looks at solving scientific challenges and developing solutions through a combination of computer science, physics and applied mathematics.

Discover the importance of the topic in this interactive session, and how computational physics is being used to solve complex problems across every field of science and engineering.

Time: 10.45am-11.30am

Speaker: Dr Laura Nuttall

Take a whirlwind tour from the big bang to the present day, and explore what's currently known about how our universe came to be, how it's evolved to what we see today.

We'll also discuss some of the best, and in some cases unanswered, questions in astrophysics and cosmology, such as: what happens if you get too close to a black hole? What is dark matter? Where does oxygen and gold come from?

Time: 12.00am-12.30am

Speakers: Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi, Dr Jaewoo Joo and Kelly Biggs

By studying physics, you'll develop strong mathematical, analytical, problem-solving and computational skills. These skills will be in high demand when you graduate, so get ready to follow our graduates into sectors like financial services, aerospace development and publishing. Or go onto postgraduate study or further research.

Here, you'll discover the fascinating careers and pathways available to you with a physics degree.

Time: 1.00-1.30pm

Hear from someone like you. This is your chance to ask current students your questions, as we invite our students to come and talk to you. This could be about their lived experiences, the Physics degree they study, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or whatever you want to know about uni life.

Time: Ongoing availability

Missed something? Catch up on any any talks that you missed by accessing our recordings, available soon after the live session finishes.

Maths tasters

Ready to experience maths in a completely different way? Get ready to put your passion for numbers to use.

Access on demand

Time: 9.00am-9.30am (and on demand throughout the 2 days)

Speaker: Professor Daniel Thomas

From pure, applied and industrial mathematics to quantum theory and particle physics, our school has many study and research pathways.

As well as welcoming you to the event, let's explore how The School of Mathematics and Physics challenges the way we think about and use numbers. So you can get an insight into how our students, research and teaching help to solve technological, environmental and societal problems.

Time: 9.45am-10.30am

Speaker: Dr Ittay Weiss

When uncertainty is inherently woven into a situation, for instance decisions involving future events, precise analysis is difficult to carry out. But using mathematics, we can create a precise set of rules to perform correct analysis and to reach optimal decisions. This session looks at the mathematical analysis of chance.

It's well documented that human intuition is particularly ill-suited for making correct decisions under uncertainty. We'll explore the feebleness of intuitive decision making and use elementary mathematics to avoid mistakes and act optimally. Get ready for this game of chance.

Time: 10.45am-11.30am

Speaker: James Allen

Over the past year, we've repeatedly seen mathematical models of a spreading virus on government announcements and news reports.

Learn about the basis of these mathematical virus models and create your own model using free online software. Then, manipulate it to see how transmission and recovery rates affect 'the curve'. You'll see how important mathematicians are in predicting and then informing decisions on important global events that affect everyone.

Time: 12.00am-12.30am

Speaker: Dr Marianna Cerasuolo

Mathematics is more than just number crunching. A degree in maths shows that you have the ability to think critically and conveys an intellectual maturity that many employers look for when they hire staff.

Our graduates are using their expertise to make the world a better place, and working to find new ways of improving practices across a ranges of areas in science and industry. Here, you'll explore the careers and pathways available after studying a Maths degree.

Time: 1.00pm-1.30pm

The floor is yours. This session is your chance to ask our students your questions. Quiz them about a maths course, any of the courses you're interested in, the city of Portsmouth, moving away from home – and/or whatever you want to know about uni.

Time: Ongoing availability

Missed something? Catch up on any any talks that you missed by accessing our recordings, available soon after the live session finishes.

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