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Students scoop cash awards, generously funded by Santander Universities UK in an open competition. Read on to meet 2 of the winners.

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Exclusive to the University of Portsmouth! Over 1,700 students competed for cash awards generously provided by Santander Universities UK to support their learning experience. Nine were selected to receive £1,000 each.

Students win big!

Congratulations to the students who participated in this year’s Santander Universities UK learning enrichment competition. Nine lucky recipients of £1,000 were randomly selected and will be putting their awards toward an even better university experience. The competition was funded by Santander Universities UK who continue to support learners at Portsmouth to be all that they can be. Find out how two of the winners plan to spend their money.

Student Glory Nzong Endah smiling in a selfie

I’m very happy to receive this award because I’ve been stressing about my maintenance loan for next year. This will reduce some financial difficulties.

Glory Nzong Endah, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, second-year student

I’m a full time BSc (Hons) Biomedical Student student and have been offered a clinical placement year at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital starting next academic year. I applied for this award because being a full time student, extra money always comes in handy, and takes some of the financial burden off my shoulders. This award was the perfect opportunity, just for students from the University of Portsmouth. 

My favourite memory as a student so far is of my last laboratory practical session for one of my modules where I dissected a chicken embryo under a microscope. This was something I had only seen in videos or in lectures, so to actually do this myself was amazing. It is, to this day, one of my best laboratory experiences and solidifies the reason I chose a Science course. 

My favourite thing about being a student at the University of Portsmouth is the balance between the academic and social life. You can contact most of the lecturers and support teams directly and they resolve any difficulties you’re facing. The city itself is filled with lots of places for relaxing and hanging out with friends and family, which relieve some of the academic stress. My family is always excited to visit as we explore different parts of the town every time. I love that the campus and social sites are a walking distance from anywhere.

As I will be moving to Bournemouth next academic year for my clinical placement at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, I plan on spending the award towards my maintenance. I will use part of the money for my house rent and part on getting any essentials required for my placement year. This will greatly relieve me of financial stress for a couple of months whilst moving to a new town. I would like to thank the University and Santander for this great opportunity.

Student Saffron Mead smiling in a black and white photo

I applied for the award on a whim. It was just an opportunity I thought I would be silly to miss!

Saffron Mead, BA (Hons) architecture, third-year student

My favourite thing about studying in Portsmouth is the people. The city campus really lends itself to a great community of students, staff and alumni. I love being able to bump into friends on the street and develop a diverse social network.

I don't have one favourite memory from being a student at the University but, in a more general sense, I believe I've achieved things I didn't think I could. Thinking about this gives me courage to continue challenging myself academically and as a person.

Throughout my degree, I often felt passionate about the idea of travelling to see architecture in other parts of the world, and in particular, Japan. I even took up Japanese language alongside my studies with the intention that I would be studying or even working there in the future. I believe this grant will help in enabling that prospect when I have finished my degree.

Congratulations winners!

A big congratulations to the nine lucky recipients who can now put their £1,000 awards toward new adventures and making the most of their student experience at Portsmouth. 

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