B Roll Day 2

Are you ready to become a marketeer? Get a head start on your studies in marketing with this selection of books, blogs, podcasts, videos, tv shows, and films

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University is a great place to make new friends, explore a new city, and gain new skills and knowledge from your chosen degree.

Before you begin your studies, why not introduce yourself to Marketing – ready to start your course on the front foot. 

1. Books

Here we have listed some great books for you to sit down and read, you'll be given lots of textbooks when you join so why not get ahead, start learning the language, and understand some key theories. 

We suggest:

  • How Brands Become Icons by Douglas B. Holt – Written by a former Harvard School Business Professor, this book is a well-known classic and bestseller. This book provides tips and tricks which can help marketers elevate their practice.
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – A memoir by the creator of Nike, this book explores lessons learnt and insights about how to create a strong brand through an exploration of Nike. 
  • Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics by Richard Thaler – This book considers the flaws in consumer decision making and how consumers behave irrationally. Providing insights that are useful to consider from a marketing perspective.

2. Podcasts

There is nothing better than being sat in a coffee shop or at home while you’re sunbathing listening to some of your favourite podcasts. Maybe give some of these a go, you might find they end up being part of your favourites. 

Some good listens:

  • Marketing Over Coffee – One of the most well known marketing podcasts – John Wall and Christopher Penn discuss all things marketing from music in marketing to going to market.
  • This Old Marketing – A useful resource from the Content Marketing Institute – Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose cover all things content marketing. The podcast focuses on lots of relevant and up to date topics.
  • Marketing School – An insightful podcast by Neil Patel and Eric Siu which explores all things marketing. From driving more leads to the best marketing tools, this podcast provides an array of useful resources.

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3. YouTube Channels

Short videos can be a great way to get information quickly. Videos have the added benefit of giving you an insight into important areas and discussions within marketing. Hint: Most of these channels also have blogs if you would prefer to read than watch.

Check out:

4. TV Shows 

Yes – we're suggesting you watch some more TV. There are plenty of marketing related shows to choose from. Although these are often dramatised for viewers' pleasure, they still provide a good overview of marketing in practice.

Our favourites:

  • Dragons Den (BBC One) – UK TV Show which shows entrepreneurs providing pitches to investors as a means of securing funding for their businesses.
  • The Apprentice (BBC One) – Watch eager contestants compete to win a 6 figure salary with Sir Alan Sugar.
  • Mad Men (2007–2015) – Join Don Draper in 1960’s New York as you watch his life unfold as a Creative Director at a top Manhattan Advertising Agency.

5. Documentaries and Films

Embrace the only time you’ll get films or documentaries set as homework, and enjoy some of these blockbusters.

Must watches:

  • The Social Network (2010) – The true story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he started Facebook.
  • The Social Dilemma – Netflix (2020)  – A documentary with key figures from Silicon Valley who discuss how social media has been designed to manipulate and influence its users.
  • The Greatest Showman (2017) – Not immediately obvious how this is marketing related. But this true story about P.T. Barnum eloquently demonstrates how innovative ideas may need different approaches to convince consumers.

You should find some of these marketing-related activities a great way to prepare for starting a Marketing or Digital Marketing degree. 

If you’re starting at the University of Portsmouth this autumn and you have any questions or concerns, then please get in touch with our Admissions tutor Victoria at victoria.broadbridge@port.ac.uk.