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Dr Jo Pabari is the course leader for our international business degree. Here she explains what the degree is and where it can take you.

Jo Pabari

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If you’re looking for a business degree that will open doors to a huge range of careers, international business may be the subject for you.

Dr Jo Pabari is the course leader for our BA (Hons) International Business degree. Here she explains what the degree is and where it can take you.

What is an International Business degree?

Studying international business helps you gain international business skills whilst living and studying abroad as part of your degree.

You'll study different areas of international business and management as you expand your knowledge to find a specialism that suits you.

The combination of academic and practical skills and experience you gain during your studies will stay with you throughout your life.

You'll need adaptability, resilience, open-mindedness and a global mindset to thrive on this course.

What jobs can you do with an International Business degree?

An international business degree can be the start of a career in a variety of jobs, depending on your interests and strengths. You’ll gain a range of skills that will help you to thrive in a career that suits you.

Some of the roles you could do include:

  • Business development manager
  • Customer accounts manager
  • Marketing and sales executive
  • Project manager
  • Content curator
  • Merchandiser
  • Events coordinator
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Start-up programme manager

Where can you go whilst studying for an International Business degree?

Studying for an international business degree includes a compulsory year studying abroad in your second year at university. You’ll be able to choose from a range of university partners including Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand and the USA.

During this year you'll be learning not only academic skills and subject knowledge, but intercultural, personal, and linguistic skills that come along with living abroad. These can be transferred to any career path you may choose.

You can choose to study in one country for a year, or two countries for six months each.

Moving away is a big step, so in your first year of study you'll have a whole module dedicated to helping you prepare for your year abroad. This module will help you choose where to study, and gain the necessary skills. It will provide support whilst you’re away, letting you make the most of this unique opportunity.

This module will also help you apply to universities for your study abroad period, evaluate your employability skills, prepare a CV, and develop your interview techniques. You'll also develop transferable skills in culture and inter-cultural competencies.

Even whilst abroad you will have the full support of your course leader, our global office and our placements team.

When you are studying overseas you do not pay any fees to your chosen university. You’ll only pay a reduced tuition fee to the University of Portsmouth. You'll still be eligible for tuition and maintenance loans, plus you might even qualify for a government travel grant.

Choosing to study abroad was by far the best decision I made during university. I moved to Lille, in France, to study at EDHEC Business School and it provided me with the opportunities to travel across Europe and meet people from all across the globe, while improving my confidence and independence.

Molly Jones, BA (Hons) International Business

What experience can you gain on an International Business degree?

You can gain workplace experience during your degree by undertaking a placement year, volunteering in related roles, or completing summer internships at a range of companies. You can complete an industrial placement year by working in industry, or set up your own business on a self employed placement year.

If you decide to take a placement year, you’ll complete a year of work between your second and third year.

Your placement could be in the UK or overseas. You’ll pay a fraction of your usual tuition fees and still have access to University and student resources. Previous International Business students have had placements in organisations including UBS Wealth Management, Prysmian Group, L’Oreal and IBM.

What skills do you learn on an International Business degree?

International Business covers a broad spectrum of skills. You do not need to know which area of business and management you want to specialise in. Our course will explore a broad range of specialisms, including: marketing, accounting, operations and leadership.

You’ll be able to choose from a range of module options. These include subjects such as international finance, tourism and cross-cultural awareness. During your year abroad, you’ll be able to extend your understanding of global business. Doing this by taking modules that explore business from a non-UK viewpoint.

What else can you expect after an International Business degree?

No matter which speciality in business you choose, business is global. Our course will give you a unique perspective and opportunity to maximise your employability after you graduate. And our Careers and Employability Service will be available for 5 years after your graduation.

You’ll finish your degree with a whole new perspective and understanding of how modern business works, with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work internationally.