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If you’ve submitted your UCAS application already but have since decided that you want to stay closer to home, we’re here to help.

Going through Clearing may be the best option for you if you’ve changed your mind about where you want to study.

Why stay local? 

There could be many reasons why you want to stay close to home. You might want to be near your friends and family, or you might want to cut down on living expenses. Or, perhaps you prefer the courses available at your local university. If you want to study a course near home, applying to university through Clearing could be the best option.

Thinking of studying at Portsmouth? We’re the only university to offer Connected Degrees — degrees that give you the power to choose when to take your placement year.

Find a course that's right for you 

Is it cheaper to go to your local university? 

If you choose to continue living at home, then you can cut down on rent and bills. Attending your local university can help you cut down on costs, but it will depend on your outgoings such as lifestyle costs.   

Staying local has financial benefits, even if you decide to move into student accommodation. You’ll be able to: 

  • Keep an existing part-time job 
  • Reduce the time and money it would cost to travel back home
  • Enjoy more home-cooked meals with your loved ones

Find out more about living at home while studying, and explore our tips on everything from joining societies and sports teams to time management.

Why Portsmouth?

Did you know Portsmouth is in the Top 5 Most Affordable Cities for students? If you’re in the Solent area, then choosing to study at the University of Portsmouth could save you money without having to compromise on a great student experience.

Portsmouth is a very commutable city from key locations in the South East. You can easily get here by train, bus, car or boat. If you live on the Isle of Wight, you can catch the world’s only regular hovercraft service to Southsea, Portsmouth. 

You can even rent an e-scooter via the official rental scheme to get around the city.

Applying to university through Clearing 

Applying to university through Clearing doesn’t need to be stressful. Before Clearing starts, spend some time preparing, and make sure everything you need is on hand. 

Once you have your results and know what course you’d like to study you can then apply through Clearing. You’ll need to contact universities directly to express your interest and discuss your options. And once you have an offer, you can go to the UCAS Hub to confirm your place. 

The most important thing when you apply to uni through Clearing is that you focus on what’s right for you. Making a decision can be tricky, so discuss it with people you trust and seek advice.


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