Our Fashion and Textile Design students are now ready to make their mark on the fashion world. They’ve explored their individuality as designers and developed their craft using the latest technologies. Our Fashion and Textile Design degree enables students to establish a career as successful designers for the fashion and textile industry and respect the values of sustainable and ethical design principles. 

Rebecca Powell won Graduate of the Year 2020 in Drapers’ Sustainable Fashion Awards. And Scarlett Gapp’s sustainable fashion designs were shortlisted for the Lotto Sport Award in the International Talent Support (ITS) competition, which celebrates and promotes emerging designers.

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Shaggy Spills is a vibrant collection inspired by the colours and impact the oil industry has on the environment. Although the colours within oil spills are lovely to see, the impact it has on the environment ruins its beauty. Spreading throughout the ocean and covering sea life, restricting their movement.

This collection uses the colours from oil spills to influence the shape and restrictiveness of the garments. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s to 2000s, it looks back at festival fashion through the years and brings it back to life with this updated, multi-functional festival collection. Focusing on the oil industry’s effect on wildlife, it includes restrictive fabrics to create the feel of being restricted by oil, while blue fennel and candy red cork create limited movement. The stiff cork material is contrasted with the oil-inspired digital print. The contrasting soft and stiff materials further represent the context of the collection; the stretch garments represent the wildlife’s skin and the cork representing oil.

It is a collection that appreciates the beauty of oil spills but acknowledges the damage, through fabric and textiles.

Video set to music showing models posing in an arcade and showcasing the Shaggy Spills collection designed by BA Fashion and Textile Design student, Charlotte Allen.