Students on our ScreenSkills Select-accredited Film Production course have developed specialities in directing, producing, editing, scriptwriting and camera-operating, as well as creating content for digital platforms and learning the business side of the film industry. Some have also developed impressive portfolios during their studies by working with some of the biggest names in the UK and US music and film industries – like graduate Ali Rasoul.

Find out how our students evolve on our Film Production course by reading graduate Caleb Johnston’s story.

Watch Tom Furzeman's 2020 Film Production showreel

Watch the showreel of BA (Hons) Film Production 2020 graduate Tom Furzeman.

[‘Graduate Show 2020’]

[‘Tom Furzeman Graduate Producer’]

 Woman in floral dress: [Inaudible] You don’t know…

Man in black suit: Stay there.

Woman in floral dress: [Inaudible]

Man in black suit: Sit down—Stay there! Stay there!

['Those Last Moments'
'Role: Producer/Line Producer'
'Producer: Thomas Furzeman/Jasmine Broomfield'
'Director: Matt Alexander'
'DOP: Luke Munt']

Soldier with hat: To your family. Son or daughter?

Wounded soldier: A son.

Soldier with hat: Son.

Man in black suit: Peter! Son!

'Role: Producer';
'Producer: Thomas Furzeman'
'Director: Matt Alexander'
'DOP: Luke Munt']

Man with grey hair: [Inaudible] Hanging up on a tree.

Man with glasses: Oh, yeah? How'd you get it stuck up there, then?

Man with grey hair: [Laughs] [Inaudible]

Man with glasses: [Inaudible] Yeah, up there was.

Man with grey hair: [Inaudible]

Man with glasses: Oh, yeah. You really like losing your light, don’t you?

[‘Burton Hockey Club Promo’ 
‘Role: Producer/Editor’ 
‘Producer: Thomas Furzeman’ 
‘Director: Sam Speake’ 
‘DOP: Jack Curtis’]

[Two teams playing a hockey match]

[‘Skegness Aquarium Promo’ 
‘Role: Videographer’]

[Various shots of aquatic life at an aquarium]

[‘Big Band Documentary’ 
‘Role: Producer/Editor’ 
‘Producer: Thomas Furzeman’ 
‘Director: Charlotte Smith’ 
‘DOP: Joshua Hurst’]

‘Role: Line Producer’ 
‘Producer: Chris Bennett’ 
‘Director: Reece Armstrong’ 
‘DOP: Joshua Ward’]

[A rotating shot of a woman looking worried]

[A shot of a man climbing up some rocks and onto a beach]

[‘Visit my website’]

[‘Or contact me via email:’]

[‘Or tel: +44 7482 912 560’]

[‘Tom Furzeman Graduate Producer’]

Watch Stefani Kopchaliyska's 2020 Film Production showreel

[‘Graduate Show 2020’]

[‘Before Sunrise (2020)
Editor (DaVinci Resolve), Director’]

[‘Nana’s Cottage (2019)
Editor (Avid Media Composer), Director of Photography’]

Woman with long hair: This is a good one.

Sick woman: Is it the one with the stray dog and the lying princess?

Woman with long hair: Not tonight. I found a better one.

[‘Before Sunrise (2020)
Editor (DaVinci Resolve)’]

Woman in black top: The idea of loving someone and being loved means so much to me.

Man in leather jacket: Are you crazy?

Woman in red top: Probably.

[‘Indigo (2020)
Editor (DaVinci Resolve)’]

[‘Seconds Out (2018)
Assistant Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro)’]

Voiceover 1: You seem quiet.

Voiceover 2: Just thinking, you know.

Voiceover 1: How are you feeling right now?

Voiceover 2: I don't know.

Woman in chequered top: Oh, I see what you're doing. How incredibly deep you are.

Sick woman: [Coughs]

Therapist: I realised you had a son.

Man in polo: What's that got to do with this?

Man in suit and pink shirt: Beautiful.

[‘Spanish Pigeon (2019)
Assistant Editor, Assembly Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro)’]

[Waitress approaches table and falls to the floor with a yelp]

Waitress: Oh God, I'm so, so sorry.

Man in suit and pink shirt: Christ's sake, don't you ever look where you're going?

Woman with long hair: Time's running.

Waitress: No, please, please—

Man in suit and pink shirt: Get out!

Waitress: [Inaudible]

Man in suit and pink shirt: Get out!

[‘Nosebleed (2019)
Assistant Editor (DaVinci Resolve)’]

[‘Overboard (2019)
Assistant Editor (DaVinci Resolve)’]

Woman in red top: I'm just afraid he's scared of me.

Man in leather jacket: I'm sure he's not scared of you. I'm sure he's crazy about you.

Woman in red top: Really?

[‘Stefani Kopchaliyska
Film & Video Editor
+44 7549 853 716
Song by Luminar – Between Love and Cries

Watch Ollie Eales' 2020 Film Production showreel

['Graduate Show 2020']

['Ollie Eales']

Solemn piano music plays over a montage of short film clips. 

A woman with auburn hair stumbles backwards. 

A man agitatedly locks a door, looks ahead pensively, then an out-of-focus figure behind him strikes him with an object. 

A young female ties a blindfold on herself. 

A young male in a Ghostbusters jumpsuit mutters inaudibly into a walkie-talkie. 

A young female looks ahead with sadness.

A soldier with a hat pulls a wounded comrade backwards, and they both stumble backwards. The soldier talks inaudibly to comrade.

A woman anxiously tries to restrain a man in a fight, then the man shoves her into an armchair and rebukes her before storming out of the room.

A married couple link hands and embrace.

A distraught woman closes a hatch and looks up, with blemishes on her face.

The back of a man with a fire texture projected onto his back.

Pro extra terrestrial demonstration turn violent 
Live 22:04
Breaking news - UFE forces engage local militia near big research facility on Titan. The threat was swiftly neutralized thro...']

The back of a man with a fire texture projected onto his back.

Human bodies in black plastic and tape, suspended upside down.

+44 07964734207']

Title: The song of spring']

Watch Matt Alexander's 2020 Film Production showreel

[‘Graduate Show 2020’]

Wounded soldier: Ugh, what is that? Argh, argh, argh.

[‘MAJO Media Productions’]

[‘Matt Alexander Showreel
Director | Writer | Editor | Videographer’]

[‘Happy Child
Writer / Director / Editor’]

Man with long hair and beard: There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

[‘Back to the Start
Editor / Camera Operator’]

A man staggering down a street, cradling a bloody wound on the right of his body.

[‘Those Last Moments Crowdfunding Promo

Voiceover: Go, go, go!

[‘Nightcrawler Missing Scene
1st Assistant Camera’]

Man in jacket: Now get out of my car.

Man in hoodie: I’m staying.

[‘Those Last Moments (Short)
Writer / Director’]

Groom: You said don’t take it.

Groom: Oh, shit!

[‘Sedimentary (Short)
Writer / Director / Editor / Sound Design’]

A man walks through a field with fishing gear. A man sits down by a river bank with his companion.

[‘Client Wedding Video

A bride in a white wedding gown and groom in grey suit sit at a church. The couple stands in front of the vicar. Congregation sings from programmes. The couple stares ahead.

[‘Client Promotional Video

The back of a viz jacket with ‘VI London’ printed on it. A man in hard hat and viz jacket painting a ceiling. A man in viz jacket and T-shirt treating a wall with a brush. A renovated office hallway.

[‘Client Conference Highlights Video

A band plays live on stage. The crowd dance. Another band plays on a stage with a Christmas tree and decorations on the scene. The crowd dance, with some individuals wearing Christmas-related headgear. Torches wave in the air. Shiny confetti falls on crowd.

[‘Make it!’]

[‘Hot Wheels Commercial

[‘Bladez Toyz’]

Two girls open a board game box. Girl in dungarees smiles and holds up a card.

[‘Tough snap-fit plastic’]

Girl with blond hair leans towards girl in dungarees, holding a toy car. The two girls work together on the toy cars. Boy and girl play with coloured markers with other children playing behind them. Girl with blond hair watches a toy car ramp off a paper ramp.

[‘Double pull back power!’]

A hand pulls back on toy car and releases it. Toy car speeds up towards a paper ramp and ramps off it. Girl with blond hair pulls on toy car and releases it towards a ramp to ramp off.

[‘Those Last Moments (Short)
Writer / Director’]

A man with stubble watches a couple embracing ahead of him. He looks shocked, then lowers his head and looks downwards. A man with short, faded hair cries and frantically looks around him.

[‘Happy Child
Writer / Director / Editor’]

Man with glasses: So what if that short spell of happiness was your whole life? Now that, that's some laugh.

Man with long hair and beard: Yeah, I guess that's right.

[‘Those Last Moments (Short)
Writer / Director’]

A couple link hands and embrace each other.

[‘MAJO Media Productions
Corperate [sic] | Weddings | Events | Shorts | Feature
Music by Silent Natives’]

Watch Jonny Smart's 2020 Film Production showreel

['Graduate Show 2020']

['Jonny Smart 
Camera Operator 
Digital Content Creator']

['"The media's the most powerful entity on Earth"
Malcolm X 
Let's use it...']

An insignia with text: '19th Annual Business Awards'.

['Giant Leap 
Video & Photography']

['Business Excellence Awards [Giant Leap] - Assistant Camera Op']

A man in suit and bow tie at lectern, gesturing to crowd. A group of men in the audience rise from their seats, punching the air in celebration. Two men in suits and bow ties walk to the stage. A man in dinner attire shakes another man's hand. A man with glasses in dinner jacket lifts up his arms. Three women behind him move closer to each other.

['Cristian-Ionut Necula 
BA (Hons) Film Production']

['UOP Student Interviews (Cristian-Ionut Necula) - Director / Camera Op / Editor']

Cristian N: So I just learned on my own from the internet, [inaudible] like YouTube tutorials and different blogs, so that's why I wanted to come to university: to get formal education in filmmaking.

[UOP Student Interviews (Cristian Munteanu) - Director / Camera Op / Editor]

Cristian M: Portsmouth is a great city. It has a lot of opportunities to offer, the university's great. I literally enjoy every minute here at the university.

['Graduate Show 2019 - Camera Op / Editor']

Various clips of people navigating Eldon Building at an exhibition. Close-ups of a face sculpture and two photographic triptychs. People in Eldon Foyer sit/stand and watch a drumming band playing in the courtyard beyond. Close shot of drumming band dancing and beating drum with conductor. Dolly track of 3D modelling pieces. Visitors navigate an illustration exhibition.

['Fractured (Short Film) - Director / Camera Op']

Female voice: What did you do?

Male voice: We... 

A colour isolation scene of a young female with a teddy bear walking into a room. A hand points a gun to the camera. The young female lies on the floor, lifeless.

Male voice: ... We killed her.

['Boathouse 4 Architecture in 60 seconds']

Exterior of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

['Built in 1939']

['Boathouse 4 (Island City Stories) - Director of Photography']

A family of three exits a building with 'Boathouse & Heritage Skills Training Centre' displayed atop the open doors.

['Designed for the maintenance and fitting out of small boats up to 40 tons']

['Battered with WW2 bullet holes']

A storage space for restored boats. A shot of ceiling rafters.

['Jonny Smart 
Music: Epically by Musickidsound']

Watch Joe Candlin's 2020 Film Production showreel

['Graduate Show 2020']

['Candlin Film 
2018-2020 reel
Joe Candlin 

['Joe Candlin 
Showreel 2020']

Rapid clips of a person cycling.

['Director of Photography']

A man carrying a woman and twirling her around on a cliff.


A man in a car talking inaudibly.


A young female inspects flowers in a bottle suspended from a tree by rope.


[''Nightcrawler' Bonus 

A man in a car talking with no sound.

[''Forget Me Not' (2020) 
Director of Photography']

An external shot of a woman talking (without sound) while washing up. A man approaches her from the side and embraces her, talking (without sound).

[''Restaurant 27: A Family' (2019) 
Camera Operator/AD']

A man looks ahead, pensively. Two men cycling in the cycle path of a main road.

[''Island City Stories: Deniz Beck' (2018) 

Various shots of architectural plans and concepts on a table.

[''Nefelibata' (2019) 
Director of Photography']

A young male rises into view and looks ahead searchingly.

Woman: I think you smoke too much. [Inaudible] Try and catch me.

Male voice: And with locally sourced ingredients, some foraged ingredients; I'm very seasonal. It's all about pleasing customers. Money is a by-product. Reputation is a by-product. We're actually here to please customers.

Man in suit: Get out of my car.

Man in hoodie: What?

Man in suit: I said, 'get out of my car'.

Two men cycling by the sea. Close-ups of their pedals, gears, and spokes.

Couple lie on a beach, talking or singing without sound.

A campfire burns.

Parsnips and greens roast in a pan.

A woman sits by a window, nodding, turns to a man to talk to him (without sound), then looks straight ahead.

Extreme close-up of a young male's eyes looking up. A profile shot of the young male's face.

A man in a suit speaks to another man without sound, looking angry.

A hand squeezes a funnel to pipe out a mousse-like dollop into a small bowl.

A photo of a child with an arm round a baby.

A young male spins a suspended bottle.

Female chef works at a table. Waiter holds two plates of food. Male chef slices food with a cleaver.

A man sits at the steering wheel in a car, eyes closed. He opens them and looks into the rearview mirror.

A vertical pan of tree leaves. Dissolve into a vertical pan from a young male's afro hair to his eyes looking upwards.

A couple lie on a beach, looking up. The man looks down at the woman on his lap, and they both smile at each other.

A chef speaks to a man in a suit beside him.

An embracing couple kiss.

A man gets up from his seat.

A young female with a red bow in hair looks around.

Depth of field shift over a food bowl sketch featuring basil and tomato. Chef draws on the sketch then speaks with no sound.

A man in a hoodie mouths wordlessly.

A vertical pan of a couple sitting on a beach, talking to each other.

['Candlin Film']