Quantum physics

The second quantum revolution

Read how Dr Vincenzo Tamma is working to understand the quantum nature of the world around us

Quantum physics is revealing fundamental knowledge about the world around us. It points the way for new technologies that go beyond any devices currently available. 

By understanding the quantum nature of the world around us, our Reader and Group Leader in Physics and founding director of the Quantum Science and Technology Hub, Dr Vincenzo Tamma, wants to go beyond the world of classical physics - and help us to advance beyond the capabilities of classical devices.

Vincenzo explains, ‘I want to investigate what is behind every phenomena we observe. I particularly want to understand quantum phenomena and the quantum laws that govern our Universe.  

‘And I want to use that understanding to enhance technologies that are good for the wellbeing and health of our society. I want to help improve the living conditions of people around us.’

Understanding these phenomena is just the beginning. We are in what is called “the second quantum revolution.” Because this knowledge can now be used to develop quantum technology - from better sensors, to faster computers and completely secure communication devices. This is possible by exploiting counterintuitive quantum phenomena like quantum interference and entanglement.

Vincenzo says, ‘We are at the beginning of a new era, paving the development of a quantum industry.’

I want to help improve the living conditions of people around us.

Dr Vincenzo Tamma, Reader and Group Leader in Physics

Quick and safe processing of information

Vincenzo’s work looks at the development of quantum computers. These devices allow computational speed-up that is exponentially faster than any classical device. They can even outperform our current supercomputers. 

Quantum computers will be able to perform calculations faster than any computer created so far. They’ll usher in a new age of computing.

The laws of quantum physics are also being used to enhance the security of communications. By developing systems based not on classical physics, but on quantum physics, extremely secure communication devices can be built. 

Government institutions, business and industry are all set to benefit from the overall area of quantum cryptography.

The art of precision

Quantum physics also allows scientists to achieve very accurate measurements. Quantum sensing and quantum metrology allow us to measure physical parameters with extremely high precision. So what can this be used for?

Quantum optics sensors make it possible to test with high precision the fundamental  laws of the Universe, including gaining a better understanding of the interface between quantum mechanics and general relativity.  

Quantum physics is also being used to develop new, very exact navigation systems and high precision clocks. A wide variety of other applications will benefit from improved precision and are currently studied by Vincenzo’s group. This includes development of new imaging systems, sensing networks, and new sensors for biomedical applications, which will improve health outcomes for people.

Quantum physics is being used to develop the very latest precision technology. The step-change that’s coming across a wide range of tech will give people capabilities far beyond what we have today.