Mary Rose Heritage Event; 7th June 2019

Next week, the University of Portsmouth welcomes the public to attend two events as part of Heritage Week.

11 September 2023

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On Monday (11 September), researchers, collaborators and local community group representatives will meet and find out more about key projects supported by the University of Portsmouth Heritage Hub. Dr Rob Inkpen, Reader in Physical Geography, will join the event to talk about ‘History and Heritage – The Critical Tensions’.

The second event on Friday (15 September) is an evening lecture ‘INVISIBLE HERITAGE - Bronze Culverins, Wooden Bowls & Silver Bars: A Lifetime of Shipwrecks’ by Alexzandra Hildred, the Head of Research and Curator of Ordnance and Human Remains at the Mary Rose Trust. The event will include a whistle-stop tour of some of the 57 protected historic wreck sites in England demonstrating the wealth and breadth of our ‘invisible’ submerged cultural heritage.

Dr Tarek Teba the co-chair of the University of Portsmouth Heritage Hub says: “The University of Portsmouth Heritage Week is a great opportunity to further integrate our work and collaboration with the city’s stakeholders and communities, as well as to share and celebrate findings and success together. The Heritage Hub has the city’s communities at its heart and this annual event offers a platform for stakeholders and communities to address their own challenges and needs, which will enable researchers to respond with locally and nationally impactful projects emerging from the locality.”

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